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Girl Monkey Calling Card Design


This brown little girl monkey is swinging on a green leafy vine to help send your greeting! Personalize this calling card with your name!

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artist: Amy Adele  envelopes: none  item code: cc067-g  style: calling card  size: 3.5" x 2" (W x H)  paper type: heavy 
finish: matte (non-glossy)  recycled: 100% post consumer paper  printing method: high chroma digital  font shown: Sweet Pea  font color shown: black 
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5/5 based on 3 review
 November 21, 2010
Adorable & fun! I love my Monkey Cards!
I joined a new Church and it will be a great way to meet and network. I also live in another State than the one I grew up in. So, they are great to tuck inside of christmas cards. - Kathy, crafty one , Trussville, AL
 July 19, 2010
So cute
I use this product to add to birthday gifts. - Andrea , Miami, FL
 July 02, 2010
I loved these. My son was given the T-Rex calling cards and I loved them so much so I bought the Girl Monkey Calling cards as a gift and everyone at the party loved them! They are just perfect for chiledren! - Parker's Mom , Oxford, AL