New Pink Cards for Girls!

Perhaps it was all the pink I saw over the first half of this month or maybe it’s because I’m the mother of two fabulous girls… but I just added a bunch of pink designs to Amy Adele!

Speaking of my girls… the first design I can’t take credit for because it was my daughter who painted it for me! This watercolor of a pink peony has been hanging in my home for nearly 2 years. Emily painted it for me on Mother’s Day 2017. I remember it well… it was a beautiful day and we sat out on our patio painting and drawing together. She just painted this like it was no big deal! I posted a photo of it two weeks ago on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Brooke P., a customer of mine, commented that I should make it a notecard… so I did! I’m so excited to be able to share a gift of mine with you! Click here to see it up close.

Next up is a new spiral notebook design. I took my Yellow Twigs design and added some green and gray to the design. I love tweaking an existing design! I loved it so much I ordered one for myself! 🙂 I’m really impressed by the quality of these spirals that my production team offers. The front and back covers are durable but classy. The inside lined pages are thick and smooth, (unlike the low-quality drug store journals I’ve bought before). Take a look at this new Green and Yellow Twigs Spiral Notebook here. 

This Rose Fishtail folded stationery was created because the Aquamarine Fishtail Stationery has been such a hit and gets ordered all the time. I already had this in my archives and all I had to do was add it to the site. Nice! 

Pink and gold birthday parties (especially with lettered balloons) seem to be all the rage these days and I wanted to be sure my customers had an option if they needed it! These Pink & Gold Birthday flat thank you notes can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the age and needs of your little girl. Add your entire note if she’s a wee little thing (or if you want to make your life easier), create your own fill-in-the-blank text if she’s learning to write, or if she’s older and she’s ready to write her very own handwritten note, order these blank and let her do her thing!

To see all my NEW designs over the last few months, check them out here! (I promise, you’ll find some stationery that isn’t pink) 😉

My Perfect Valentine and A Gift- Printable Valentines! ❤️

Hello February! The stores are full of pink stuffed llamas, chocolate dinosaurs holding hearts, happy cactus tissue paper, and red speckled gift bags! I love walking through the isles enjoying all the various ways red, pink and hearts can be done. There is such creativity out there! 

This photo was taken a few years ago… but he’s still my little Valentine crush.❤️ I wonder if he’ll write me a note this year!😍

Even as a little girl, I loved Valentine’s Day. Every February 14th, my mother would decorate our dining room table with sweet little breakfast treats for my sister and I to wake up to. Then I’d walk to my elementary school with delight holding my carefully prepared Valentine cards for my classmates. I couldn’t WAIT for the last hour of the school day. My teacher would FINALLY let us eat Valentine cupcakes and pass out our Valentine’s Day cards. Yes, we were allowed to eat cupcakes. At school. In the classroom. It was the 80’s. 🙂 Then I’d run home wondering if the boy I had a crush on had written something particularly sweet on the Valentine he gave me. I’m pretty (ok… very) sure none of those boys ever wrote a note just to me, but I looked anyway! ❤️ It was one of my very favorite days of the year.

 Life as a child and life as an adult hasn’t always been hearts and roses, but I knew I was loved… deep down and unconditionally. I was loved with an imperfect love by my family. They loved me with all their hearts, but it was still imperfect, just as my love for others is imperfect now too. I was also loved with a perfect love from God. And it is this love that has shaped me and made me who I am today. Whether Valentine’s Day is something you look forward to, or (if you’re being honest) it’s quite hard for you, I pray that you may discover the Perfect Love offered to you by the one who came up with the idea and created love… God Himself. 

I have a FREE Valentine gift for you! Well, actually, it’s from me and God… we collaborated. 🙂 I placed some of my most favorite verses about love and paired it with some “lovely” artwork for you to print and enjoy this week! 

Click here to download Amy's Printable Valentine Verses

Click the link above to get a printable sheet of love-themed Bible verses. These verses that I chose, never grow old to me. No other God pursues people with love and forgiveness, like He does. He created, defined, and embodied what love is, despite our efforts to leave God out of it. So please print these cards out and use them as a reminder of how much you are loved this week! Place them around your house, stick them in your kid’s lunch boxes, tape one to your car’s dashboard, or even put them on your bathroom mirror. Just don’t forget – there is One who loves you perfectly, just as you are.

One of my beauties enjoying a heart shaped muffin with her latest crush, Mr. Avocado.💕 This boy is fine… he can stay. 🙂

I have continued the fun little Valentine breakfast tradition with my kids over the last 20 years because I loved it so much as a girl. Muffins, chocolate, and lots of hearts have always joined the party. It’s a little extra work every Feb. 14th morning and they dash out the door so quickly to get to school it seems, but it’s tradition and we all love it. Regardless of my silly traditions, I pray that they too will know how much they are loved by God and me. And if there’s a little kid from class that they’re hoping to receive a Valentine from…  well,  they better get in line behind us! 😉

Happy Valentine’s Week!

New Designs in November!

Hey there! I wanted to give you a little update as to what I’ve been up these last few months. For those of you keeping up with me on Instagram and Facebook… I just want to say a big thanks to you! My introverted personality has been pretty intimidated by the all the various social media platforms over the years but a few months ago I decided to dive head first into Instagram (and continue on Facebook). I know my Followers count is not much, but despite my late start, those numbers are rising everyday. So please join the party and follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you haven’t already! I post 2-3 times a day, so you get a first-hand look at sketches that become stationery, custom projects, photos of my family, sales and more.

I’ve also been busy creating new designs! This cornucopia design has turned out to be one of my new favorites! I love sketching on the weekends (to keep drawing in the “fun and relaxing” category) and then perfecting it on my desktop. I had so much fun adding in all the little details and colors on this one! So on my way to look up how to spell cornucopia correctly, I discovered what it actually means. Did you know that a cornucopia is “a symbol of plenty consisting of a goat’s horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn”? Me neither! I have to admit, the goat’s horn part cracked me up! 😂

I also finished up two versions of a whimsical Thanksgiving turkey. I’m not sure which one I like best, so feel free to weigh in! The red and brown one titled, Fall Turkey, is supposed to be a little more serious than the orange and yellow one titled, Thanksgiving Turkey, but they both look a little playful to me. I love how my customers send out Thanksgiving greetings, so I wanted to offer more options this year. Let me know what you think because I’m not quite sure what to make of them just yet. 🤔 If you look very carefully, you’ll see that I borrowed a few acorns from my cornucopia design and placed them on my orange and yellow turkey!

Christmas is coming folks! I’ll be sharing my new Christmas designs soon, but here’s a sneak peek at one… my Christmas Cactus Plants! Just ask my teenage daughters; cacti are all the rage right now. So I thought it would be fun to work them into a holiday design this year. I love the simplicity of potted plants in a row, cacti or not… any plants will do for me! Their shapes and textures vary but their shades of green are what keep them together. Kind of like a family, I suppose! Which one of these guys would you be? I might be the one on the far right… short with occasional flowers.🌺

Ok.. one more share. For all those girly girls out there, this one’s for you! My pretty Pink Unicorn design has been a hit with the little ladies! She was a delight to draw! Very unlike my Pink Llama drama last month, but that’s another story.😆 The flowers, stars, pink mane, and stripes may seem like it would be a bit too much for one design but every girl needs a lot of sparkle sometimes, right? Well, that’s all for now! Check my “new” items tab to see more. I hope to add to them in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Feel free to send me an email with any ideas or thoughts… I’d love to hear from you! Click here to contact me.

Things to Do on Cozy Nights in with the Family

Between hiking through apple orchards to find the perfect honey crisp, picking the biggest pumpkin in the patch, or long family walks to admire fall foliage, getting the most out of the season can take a toll on your energy. With so much excitement to experience this fall

sometimes a night in is exactly what your family needs to recuperate. For those cozy evenings inside with the family, here’s a handy bucket list of activities to make the nights as fun as your days.

Plan a special fall dinner

Fall is the perfect time for hot, hearty meals. Generous recipes shared around the table are a delicious way of adding coziness to your home. Extend your family bonding beyond simply eating together by collectively preparing it as well. Delivering a meal from your hands to the table allows the experience to truly flourish with love and appreciation. Your kids will love knowing that they took part in creating such a decadent meal from scratch!

To limit indecisiveness, pick out a few fall meals and let your entire household decide on what to prepare. Opt for low cost recipes that produce a high volume of food in order to ensure enough for everyone (with plenty of leftovers!). There are plenty of hearty recipes sure to keep you full through the crisp fall night, like pumpkin chili or root beer pulled pork sliders!

Fill the living room with blankets galore

Who doesn’t love a good snuggle session on a cold night? Carve out some quality wind down time with your family by planning a movie night. Pile blankets into your living room for optimal coziness and sift through the tons of wholesome family movies to show at your late night exclusive premiere.

To give the ultimate movie theater vibe, draw the blinds and string up white string lights to create dimmed lighting. For a crunchy treat to munch on through the movie, set up a popcorn bar with assorted popcorn, various chocolates, nuts, and dried fruit. Buy individual popcorn containers so each member of the household can have a movie snack customized to their taste buds!

Game night

Take a break from the technology for one night and go old school with board and card games. If you come from a large household, make the night one of friendly competition by splitting off into teams. Winner gets to pick what the next fall family outing will be!

Game night is also a brilliant way of not only reconnecting with your family in a quiet, intimate space, but also teaching your children invaluable skills. On the educational side, strategy games help with cognitive development. While they boost their brain, you can use this as an opportunity to teach them about positive sportsmanship, guiding them in honesty within gameplay and being a graceful winner or loser.

Emily is HOME!

After nearly a year… my daughter, Emily, is FINALLY home!!!

During the Spring of 2017, Emily was a typical high school graduate as she made her plans to attend a college in our great state of South Carolina. But as the college deadlines approached, she was wasn’t feeling peace about the whole college thing. So she looked up an organization she had worked with when she was 12 years old…. only to find that they offered a 9 month gap-year program ( She came to me with tempered excitement with the idea and I knew that my plans to keep her near were fleeting. She quickly shifted gears, raised financial support (miraculously), and packed herself up!

So in August 2017 I hugged my sweet girl goodbye. I was so sad to see her go but I knew she was exactly where God wanted her to be, so there was great comfort in that. The holidays were hard without her but her good reports and smiling face on the other end of the screen kept us going. In December she surprised us with her decision to extend her trip to over the summer. By then I had made it almost half way so I knew I’d make a it a few extra weeks longer. But it’s a good thing I didn’t know that on the front end! So in total, she has spent the last 11 months bouncing around many small villages, big cities, coastal towns, and jungle camps in the countries of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia with 7 girls her age and 2 leaders.

Emily with her teammates in Peru. She is pictured in the middle with her hands on her knees.

She spent the majority of her time with orphans and youth in established local day cares and schools. However every day looked different. She had to learn how to be super flexible… some days she didn’t know where they were going or what they’d be asked to do until they got there! She also cleaned, painted, taught English, lead Bible studies, cooked, lead short term mission teams, worked on construction projects, organized school projects and more… basically whatever anyone needed, her team did it.

She learned a lot about working with a team and with various leaders, which was at times, super challenging. However, she developed deep friendships that I’m sure, will last a lifetime.

Communication this last year has been spotty at best between us due to her ever changing locations and internet connections, so I too learned patience, flexibility and how to love from afar. 

She’s home!

But for now, she’s eating home cooked meals, taking long hot showers and giving lots of hugs to old friends and family. She leaves for college in the city of Chicago in one month but I will enjoy her while I have her! 

My time at Art School- Amy’s Daughter Shares


Here I am in the art studio where I spent most of my time!

Hey there! I am Amy’s daughter, Emily, and I want to share with you about my summer at art school! I spent six weeks living in Providence, Rhode Island at the Rhode Island School of Design, or RISD for short, for their intensive pre-college program. I studied the foundations of fine arts with a “major” in painting. It was such an amazing experience! I made great friends and learned so much more than I had anticipated.

painting final 30″x40″

It was a very demanding program, with classes 5 days a week from 9am until 4pm and homework lasting into the wee hours of the morning; I was lucky to get 5 hours of sleep each night, even on the weekends.I had 4 classes: painting twice a week, and then drawing, design, and critical studies in art each once a week. Apart from critical studies, which was like an art history class, our classes were very hands on the entire time, both in and outside the studio. Each week we had a new project due in each of our classes that would be critiqued at the start of class. Group critiques lasted anywhere from one to three hours long and this was the time when we all learned the most.


ink wash drawing

In painting, we worked with oil paint throughout the six weeks, painting landscapes, the human figure, and various still lifes. I completed over 20 paintings ranging in size from 8”x10” to 30”x40”. In design, we had more freedom regarding our projects when it came to the medium and composition. In drawing, we focused mainly on the human figure and got a lot of experience with models, using several drawing mediums including graphite pencils, types of charcoal, pen and ink, ink wash, and conte crayon. I really enjoyed all of my classes, especially painting and design.

Providence, RI
Weekends were spent working in the studio most of the time, but I did get to visit Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and went to one of Providence’s city events called WaterFire with my roommate, Andrea. I also went to a small contemporary church every Sunday, which I loved.


Ice cream break with Andrea!

So, yeah, it was pretty stressful at times, but that was okay because we were all in it together, and doing something we love. The friends I made were what truly helped me get through those six weeks. RISD’s pre-college program had a lot of international students, which was so cool! It was awesome to meet kids from all over the world, and learn about their hometowns.


These are my closest friends I made at RISD from China, Texas, Canada, and El Salvador. That’s me on the far right.

From running to get coffee at 11 o’clock at night, to wandering around the dorms looking for a spot to work that wasn’t so hot (we didn’t have air conditioning!), to laughing hysterically as we all slowly went insane, to falling asleep on the floors of the studio and finally deciding to call it a night (or, morning) around 5:30am, to hauling all our art and supplies through the pouring rain and up seven flights of stairs, to getting locked out of our rooms a couple of times a day, being together is what made this summer so great and I am beyond thankful for the amazing people I got to know. My time at RISD has made me so excited for college, wherever I end up. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to visit Providence, learn so much, and meet all of the wonderful friends I made.

Save the Rhinos! Run for the Rhinos in Atlanta

I recently received an usual custom artwork request from a loyal customer of mine, Jennifer C. from Atlanta, GA. I get custom artwork requests from all kinds of people and for all kinds of events. But Jennifer needed a unique design created for a special event her young daughter had put together. She wanted a t-shirt design for a community race to save the rhinos and of course, wanted a rhino on the front! IMG_4598When I asked for more details, she told me this:

“My daughter, Elizabeth, has been trying to save the rhinos for almost 5 years now. She has done bake sales, lemonade stands and other fundraisers, but she wanted to do something bigger! So the idea for the Run for the Rhinos was born! She partners with Save the Rhino International in London, and she is very involved in their fundraisers and awareness campaigns.IMG_4611 Her school, The Children’s School, said that, as part of a service learning day, we could put on the Run for the Rhinos starting on campus and running through Piedmont Park. It was a one-mile fun run for kids. We had a blast!! Also, as part of the event we painted handprints on a huge plywood rhino named Prince. Prince will be displayed at Zoo Atlanta to show everyone that ‘You have to be hands on to save the rhinos!’”

IMG_4666I had so much fun creating a super stylish rhino with sneakers and headband. 🙂 But clearly Elizabeth and her friends had a bunch more fun running in this fantastic event. IMG_3046All proceeds from the race and the bake sale were donated to Save the Rhino International. She has her own webpage and maintains it herself! Please check out Elizabeth’s webpage to view more photos of Run for the Rhinos.

May we notice when our children are passionate about something particular, be it art, swimming, writing, drama, design, caring for younger kids, nature, or even rhinos! Let us encourage them to learn, explore and run with it to see where it goes! I love how Elizabeth’s parents have joined in the excitement to place value and love on her and her ideas. IMG_4613What do your kids love and talk about all the time? How can you encourage them, in even a small way, with a specific interest of theirs? This season could be a great opportunity to pick something and enjoy it right along with them!

To see my original rhino design, click here! If you need any custom artwork, please let me know. I’d love to help! Just email me.

End-of-Summer Celebrations: Make a Back to School Party!

End of summer doesn’t have to mean end of fun. Set the tone for a great school year, with lots of positive attitudes, by celebrating with a back to school party. Awesome food and exciting games will make get your neighborhood ready for a great school year with only a little time and effort.

Setting the Scene

For an indoor party, cover the tables with white paper and scatter crayons around. Encourage the guests to write predictions, impressions or hopes for the new academic year; save the tablecloth for your end-of-school party, when you can all laugh together about how close – or how very far—the predictions were. Chalkboards, erasers, rulers, pencil sharpeners, books and alphabet blocks add to the atmosphere.

Satisfying the Hungry Hordes

Prepare school cafeteria favorites like sloppy joes, pizza, chili or spaghetti to keep the theme going. Serve the food in disposable trays that look like those used at school. Add some pint-sized milk cartons or juice boxes, and you’re ready to go. For dessert, serve up a bus-shaped cake, cookies shaped like pencils or books, or school themed cupcakes.

Sending Them Home With Supplies

Combine the entertainment with the take-home by letting guests decorate mini canvas backpacks with markers, paint, ribbons and other embellishments. Stuff them with a new chapter book, a funky pen or pencil, a shaped eraser and a pencil topper. For older kids, provide a planner/calendar, a highlighter, a fun pen, and a locker shelf or mirror.

Don’t forget the Invites!

Of course, a back-to-school theme starts before the day of the party, when you let the guests know the details. Add a fun touch that also saves time with school bus invitations from the Amy Adele. Follow up with a reminder announcement printed with paint pens on mini chalkboards.

Have other Back to School Party ideas? Share them below!

Artist Genes? My Daughter’s Surprise!

IMG_4362My beautiful and lovely 17 year old daughter, Emily, has recently discovered something about herself…. she’s a talented artist! I know you’re probably thinking that I’m biased (yes, of course I am) or that I expected or directed her to be an artist (I didn’t, promise!). Other than the genes that are in the family, this story is completely her own. Yes, my great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and sister were/are all artists in their own special way. But I don’t think any of us ever expected to be artists as young girls… it just kind of happened. And now it seems Emily’s journey as an artist is beginning as well.IMG_0471.JPG

Growing up, Emily colored, drew, and painted just like all little girls do. But when it came time to pick her elective as a high school freshmen she picked whatever her friends were doing, and in her case it was Chorus. She hated it. Ok, cross that one off the list.

For her sophomore year, she choose Yearbook. As much as I think she could have really done well and enjoyed the experience, let’s just say it was a nightmare for various reasons in her particular circumstance. So that’s off the list too.

Emily was told to pick a freshman elective and stick with it so she could announce on her college application how great and proficient she was in that particular “field.” After the first two years of not-so-great elective experiences, my sweet girl faced her Junior year with uncertainty. So my husband and I said, “Don’t worry about all that college stuff, just pick something you like. This is your chance to try stuff out and have fun… this is why they have electives!”

So she came downstairs a few days later and said, “I think I want to try Art.” So as a Junior, she swallowed her pride and plopped her humble self down at the table in Art 1. Not only was the class packed full of freshmen who wanted an easy A, but the class was LAST period – the period where everyone is DONE thinking and teaching for the day. Let’s just say there was a severe lack of enthusiasm in the classroom. So she laid low and avoided the drama as best she could each day. By the middle of the year I began to see a few of her pieces and was impressed by how creative she was. I thought her ideas and execution were fantastic but maybe my bias is kicking in? Regardless, what really mattered to me was that she really seemed to enjoy the work.

One of the Art 1 assignments was to create a self-portrait. She brought it home and she kept saying it was no big deal but what I saw was amazing! A few weeks later she came home and told me that her art teachers and peers at her school looked over all the Art 1, 2 and 3 pieces and chose to send two of her pieces to a county wide art exhibit! By the way, the school can only submit 6 pieces and hardly ever choose something from Art 1. (Shameless Mom plug). We were shocked to find out they chose 2 of Emily’s pieces!

On the evening of April 14th, we piled in the car and headed to a local college where the art exhibit was held. Over 100 pieces of art from students of various high schools all over the county were on display. The event included two high schools specializing in art, The South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities and The Fine Arts Center. As we waited for the event to begin, we slowly walked through the exhibit and were amazed by all the imagination, skill and creativity of these students! There were all kinds of mediums including drawing, painting, etching, sculpture, etc.

After all the parents and guests had time to peruse the artwork display, the host began to give out awards. For each category, they gave honorable mentions, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place awards, and even cash prizes. (Cash? Who knew?) When the drawing category came up (her two pieces where both drawings), the host said the judge had a hard time judging because it was the most competitive category. So the host gave out a bunch of honorable mention awards. Emily’s name was not called so we thought that was the end of that. All of a sudden her big beautiful face flashed on the screen above (her self portrait) and she was awarded 3rd place!! We were speechless! We thought it was good but we knew we were a little biased! Wowee! It ended up that another girl from her school won the Best in Show award. It was great night for her and for her school! And she won $25! (I need to ask her what she spent that on!) 🙂IMG_7093

A few weeks later, they too had an event at her high school for just their pieces. Emily and I dressed up and headed out to see her friends and view all the art. She didn’t think there was much more to it that night and had a headache and wanted to go. I asked her, “Are you sure you want to go? I think I heard an announcement about something later.” She was sure. So we headed out to get some cake. While we were sitting on the back patio she got a call from her friend. “Emily, you won! Your self-portrait won Best in Show!” I screamed, “What?! We missed it?” I was so proud and mad at her at the same time!! We were there but we left and missed the award! I couldn’t believe it. Let me just add that the piece that won Best in Show at the county exhibit was also at her high school exhibit but she placed FIRST this time (another proud Mom statement for you there). She also won a unique award at the Junior/Senior Awards night at her school for her excellence in artwork this year.IMG_7106

I remember one night a few months ago we were talking in her room about college. This was before all these crazy awards happened and she asked me where she would put all her paints, brushes, paper and such at college. I said there’s no room for that in a little college dorm room! I could see her shock, disappointment and true love for it all in one look that she flashed back at me. Plus, we had been talking a lot about college majors and she really didn’t know what she thought about it all. At the time I was thinking Art would make a great hobby/outlet for her to enjoy when it was time to relax – something I believe is critical in this life of intense busyness. IMG_7196But needless to say, she’s taking another look at Art when it comes to college. And we’re excited that this summer she’ll be attending a pre-college art program which should help clarify even further what direction she should head, since this all so fresh after all.

We are THRILLED for her! No matter what she chooses to study or chooses as a career in the future, I think her art genes have finally kicked in. 🙂

Art of Fun Communication

There is no doubt that we live in an age of rapidly growing technology. It’s grabbing hold of us all – especially young people. Even though our ability to communicate may be provided by more expedient means there is something disappearing; the art of letter writing with personalized stationery.

Letter writing may seem ancient, but in fact, it is a rather intimate way to exchange more than information. The speed of delivery earned it the name “snail mail,” but what if there is a way to make letter writing like a game or a gift?

Make it Personal

Making a letter personal starts with what you write on. Using plain loose-leaf paper means you lose a chance for expressing the real you. Try sitting down with your child and letting them pick personalized stationery they find pretty or exciting. Every child enjoys feeling special. Why can’t writing be the same way?

If your child is too young to write, do not be discouraged. They can still pick out their favorite writing tools. In fact, the time they spend helping you write a letter to someone they love will be a special time for you to build your relationship with them as well as teach them the variety of ways to express themselves.

Letters are Gifts

With the cost of stamps now it is not hard to imagine a letter being like a gift, which is all the more reason to send them. The receiver will know you and your child took the time to get the stamp and go to the post office for them. Add a layer of fun by letting your child pick out the stamp as well.

Letting your child pick the recipient can be fun. If they find themselves unsure of whom to write, help stimulate ideas by suggesting family and friends. Take them on a walk around the house to look at their favorite pictures. Let them point out someone they may want to write.

In Closing

When it comes time to close out your letter make sure to suggest your child ask for a letter in return. Knowing there is something coming in the mail will give your child something to look forward to when they run to the mail every day. It will also be nice for you to open the mailbox and find something other than a bill. A nice final touch to any letter is the chance to seal it with a personal mark. Attaching a label with your home address is always nice. Also, consider letting your child place a sticker to close the letter similar to the idea of an old wax seal.

Writing can be the new art of fun communication. Don’t miss out on the chance to teach your child to reach out to family and peers. Grandma and Grandpa will definitely thank you!