Big Changes at Amy Adele

Wow! It’s been quite a year for us here at Amy Adele and it’s only May!

Let me start with the bad news (because I just want to keep it real). Sales over the last two years have not exactly been great… and that is putting it mildly. My husband and I kept hoping things would improve but the sales continued to decline. So we did what any hard working business owners do… we hunkered down and talked to a lot of experts and advisors to analyze Amy Adele to get their opinions on what to improve and change. Owning a business is kinda like owning a house. There’s ALWAYS something to fix and improve and the list can be overwhelming. So we decided to focus in on what was possible and went after it. The first thing was the navigation. We added the sorting tool on the left of each page so our customers could easily check the boxes to fine tune their search and find the cards they wanted. Then we worked on the home page. We changed everything about it! The top, the navigation, a “Stationery Gift Finder” tool, and more. We also corrected details on the backend so new customers could find us easier and introduced Paperless Invitations.

However, despite our efforts, the sales just weren’t strong enough. We had to make a bigger change. You see, we had been printing and shipping all our orders out ourselves in a little office space a few miles from our home with a fabulous staff for 10 years. But the more we looked at the numbers, the more it made sense to close our shop. So at the end of January, with very heavy hearts, we said goodbye to our faithful staff, sold our equipment, packed up all the extra supplies, and closed our doors.

This little bee greeted us by the front door every morning.
My son, Corban, saying goodbye to Mr. Bumble Bee.


Now the good news! We are thrilled to report that we have partnered with a top notch printing company in California. They have a wonderful reputation in the printing industry and they are experts in printing personalized stationery, invitations, and all the other things we offer! With their help, our designs are now printed on even thicker paper than before. They are also able to print and ship our cards faster than we could in our little office. We love that! Over the last few months, I have truly enjoyed working with them. They are professional and quick to respond when I need to make a change on an order for a customer.

Honestly, it has been heartbreaking for my husband (who worked full time on Amy Adele) and I to see the decline in sales. However, we remind ourselves each day that our hope is not in Amy Adele or the provision it used to provide us. Our hope is in Jesus. His ways are higher than our ways. Our prayer is that our hearts will be stronger through these trials, because that’s what really matters! The best part is that we have already seen traces of these blessings already!

So, it’s just little me running the show now! I work from home, personally approving every order that comes through, replying to customer emails, sending out emails announcing our sales, creating new artwork, posting on social media and more! I always worked from home with Amy Adele but I’ve never had this much involvement. I’m completely out of my comfort zone here… but so far so good!

My sweet little desk where all the magic happens! 😉

We are so very thankful for our faithful customers who have consistently ordered from us year after year; for each birthday party, for teacher gifts and family Christmas cards, to name a few. Our greatest joy that we get from Amy Adele is that we are able play a small role in helping your children say “thank you” to others. We are overwhelmed by your support. We hope our faithful customers and our new customers alike will enjoy the new changes!

Thank you again, dear friends!

Amy Adele Wike


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40 thoughts on “Big Changes at Amy Adele

  1. I love your designs and the personal touch I feel as a longtime customer. Wishing you the best for the next year ahead!

  2. I’ve ordered a few times over the years. I’m impressed and encouraged to know your source of hope. Stay strong in that. Luke 9:26.

  3. Good luck to you. We’ve been a customer for a long time. I’ve always spread the word on your business and how well I thought it was run. We love your thank you notes, invitations and labels!!! 🙂

  4. Hi Amy,
    Best wishes! I love your products and personal touch. I have ordered from you for the last 2 years and I always smile when the orders come in; the quality, efficiency and hand written note of appreciation from you always keep me coming back. Have you ever thought about partnering up with some local schools for fundraising? Your product is wonderful! Blessings to you and your family.

  5. Ok, throwing out ideas here…..I am thinking personalized or monagrammed kids hairbows, barretts, headbands? What happened to the t-shirts? I loved the soft cotton and we’ve enjoyed ones that we bought from you. How about doing something with Girl Scouts? Also, I would love to see new home cards with room for a new address.. Do you have a way to upload photos to your cards? I am a photographer (by hobby) and love to put photos on cards for a personal touch. You could offer birthday cards, holiday cards, thank you notes etc.. with photos. You and your husband are very talented and the personal touch is great! I wish you the best of luck going forward and will continue to be a customer! 🙂 Tara

    1. Thanks Tara for all the ideas! I love brainstorming sessions. We can only produce items that our printing facility has the ability to produce. They have a bunch of items that I could place my artwork on and offer my customers! Once I get my bearings (and some time!) I hope to add new items to Amy Adele. Unfortunately, our new partner cannot produce t-shirts for us, so we had to pull those off the site. I do have some home/house related designs that many people use for moving. I could use some more designs for sure! Yes, we do have photo cards! Those are just a few. We have them scattered about our site in various categories. Most of our photo cards are for Christmas cards. Thank you for your ideas, feedback and kind words!

      -Amy Adele

  6. Thanks for sharing your story and Kudos to you for keeping it up by yourself! Yes, running a business is tough and it takes courage and hard work! Best of luck to you, keeping my fingers crossed!!

  7. Hi! I have ordered from you for years. I was very moved by this blog. Did you know that bees were symbols of early Christians, or is this a coincidence?
    Anyway, I shared your blog with a strong endorsement on my FB page.
    Please see if you can fix the upside down desk photo! And thank you for years of wonderful product.

    1. Hi Stacey,

      Thank you! No, I had no idea bees were symbols of early Christians… neat! My mother called me Bumble Bee when I was a little girl and the idea stuck. I know that photo is upside down! It’s fine on my computer but not on my phone. I’m not sure why. We’re working on that.

      -Amy Adele

  8. So glad to know you’re back in busy. Your products are wonderfully creative and fun and no one has the personal flair you do. Best wishes for continued success!!

  9. I love your cards! I’ve gotten so many compliments on the personalized stationary I ordered for my daughter. The selection of designs is great, I love being able to change the fonts and colors, and they are high quality. I wish you the best and hope business improves soon. You have great products, business savvy, and you are passionate about your business…I have faith things will turn around soon.

  10. Your testimony is as beautiful as your designs. I treasure the stationary, invites and t-shirts (that will one day be incorporated into quilts to commemorate birthdays) that you created- thank you for sharing your gifts and talents and weaving your story into our stories. Jesus is at the heart of your success and that will never change. Praying for you as you transition and thank you for keeping fans updated:D

  11. Amy,
    I understand where you are coming from. My parents had s small business and things change. I love your store. I have been shopping and will continue to shop. Keep up the advertising! It got me here because you were a local. Sorry for your changes but so thrilled your unique store remains loyal to your commitment. Brooke

  12. I have a very sad heart to hear the decline in business. My daughters have used your note cards since they were babies, my oldest is now 7. Your products are adorable and genuine too! I’m going to make sure I continue and improve on spreading the word about your wonderful products!

  13. You are my new best friend for my own cards and gifts. When you started your post I thought you were going to be gone forever. I love your products and will keep ordering and referring others!

  14. I have loved your products and cards for a few years now! My husband and I own our own business…and I understand the ups and downs. I appreciate your honesty and transparency. I think I love y’all even more know!! Hang in there!! You have awesome products and great customer service! I will continue to be a loyal customer:)!

    1. Thank you Jessica! It is comforting to know we’re not alone in all the ups and downs. Thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot!

      -Amy Adele

  15. Hi Amy – Sorry to hear about the decline in sales. God is good, the economy will turn around. Keep doing what you are doing. Every chance your customers have, we will like you on FB. Amy, my husband and I got hit during Hurricane Sandy. We are still working on our house to get it back to where it was – it gets discouraging, and truthfully, we weren’t anywhere nearly as badly off as our neighbors who lost everything. We rely on our faith and being convinced that things will get better. Everything has a season.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am sorry to hear of your struggles and others who have experienced loss. It is painful. Yes, God remains good whether we understand our circumstances or not. Thanks for your encouragement!

      -Amy Adele

  16. I just read your post about the changes to your business and had to reach out and offer support. I have loved your products for years. My daughter just turned 13, and I have been buying notecards for her for as long as I can remember. I have always taught her that if someone buys her a gift or gives her their time or some kindness, a written thank-you note is in order. Your products have been a big part of teaching her proper etiquette! My young son can’t write his own thank-you notes yet, but I write them on his personalized notecards that I get from Amy Adele. Their teachers always appreciate the personalized notecards I give at Christmas. I have also bought Valentine’s Day cards from you for years. I guess what I am saying is: I am a loyal customer, you have beautiful products that have brought me happiness, and I will continue to order and to refer you to my friends and family. Best of luck in your new endeavor.

    1. Oh Lenore! Thank you so very much for your note. You just made my day. I always say the best part of my job is helping kids say “thanks” and to read your note is so encouraging to know your kids are doing just that. Thanks for sharing!

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