Blog Spotlight: Emily


Ok! Here’s one last update on my kiddos. I’ve saved the oldest for last! Emily is almost 16 years old now and she is a super mix of sweetness, fun, and down-to-earth-ness!

EmmaIt has been a busy fall for her! She’s a sophomore in high school and just finished up the cross country season with her fellow teammates. She is still figure skating multiple times a week before and after school and is now rehearsing for the big Christmas program! All this while taking super hard classes and staying active with her close friends and church events. The other day she asked if she could join the outdoor club at school… um… “No!” was my answer. That child would do everything if she could. 🙂

 FullSizeRenderShe has a generous heart for others and she can laugh at herself. She is a great big sister to both Grace and Corban; loving them just the way they need it. Emily also teaches a 4th grade girl’s class with me on Sunday mornings at church and those little girls just love her… and I must say… I do too!

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