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Things to Do on Cozy Nights in with the Family

Between hiking through apple orchards to find the perfect honey crisp, picking the biggest pumpkin in the patch, or long family walks to admire fall foliage, getting the most out of the season can take a toll on your energy. With so much excitement to experience this fall

sometimes a night in is exactly what your family needs to recuperate. For those cozy evenings inside with the family, here’s a handy bucket list of activities to make the nights as fun as your days.

Plan a special fall dinner

Fall is the perfect time for hot, hearty meals. Generous recipes shared around the table are a delicious way of adding coziness to your home. Extend your family bonding beyond simply eating together by collectively preparing it as well. Delivering a meal from your hands to the table allows the experience to truly flourish with love and appreciation. Your kids will love knowing that they took part in creating such a decadent meal from scratch!

To limit indecisiveness, pick out a few fall meals and let your entire household decide on what to prepare. Opt for low cost recipes that produce a high volume of food in order to ensure enough for everyone (with plenty of leftovers!). There are plenty of hearty recipes sure to keep you full through the crisp fall night, like pumpkin chili or root beer pulled pork sliders!

Fill the living room with blankets galore

Who doesn’t love a good snuggle session on a cold night? Carve out some quality wind down time with your family by planning a movie night. Pile blankets into your living room for optimal coziness and sift through the tons of wholesome family movies to show at your late night exclusive premiere.

To give the ultimate movie theater vibe, draw the blinds and string up white string lights to create dimmed lighting. For a crunchy treat to munch on through the movie, set up a popcorn bar with assorted popcorn, various chocolates, nuts, and dried fruit. Buy individual popcorn containers so each member of the household can have a movie snack customized to their taste buds!

Game night

Take a break from the technology for one night and go old school with board and card games. If you come from a large household, make the night one of friendly competition by splitting off into teams. Winner gets to pick what the next fall family outing will be!

Game night is also a brilliant way of not only reconnecting with your family in a quiet, intimate space, but also teaching your children invaluable skills. On the educational side, strategy games help with cognitive development. While they boost their brain, you can use this as an opportunity to teach them about positive sportsmanship, guiding them in honesty within gameplay and being a graceful winner or loser.

End-of-Summer Celebrations: Make a Back to School Party!

End of summer doesn’t have to mean end of fun. Set the tone for a great school year, with lots of positive attitudes, by celebrating with a back to school party. Awesome food and exciting games will make get your neighborhood ready for a great school year with only a little time and effort.

Setting the Scene

For an indoor party, cover the tables with white paper and scatter crayons around. Encourage the guests to write predictions, impressions or hopes for the new academic year; save the tablecloth for your end-of-school party, when you can all laugh together about how close – or how very far—the predictions were. Chalkboards, erasers, rulers, pencil sharpeners, books and alphabet blocks add to the atmosphere.

Satisfying the Hungry Hordes

Prepare school cafeteria favorites like sloppy joes, pizza, chili or spaghetti to keep the theme going. Serve the food in disposable trays that look like those used at school. Add some pint-sized milk cartons or juice boxes, and you’re ready to go. For dessert, serve up a bus-shaped cake, cookies shaped like pencils or books, or school themed cupcakes.

Sending Them Home With Supplies

Combine the entertainment with the take-home by letting guests decorate mini canvas backpacks with markers, paint, ribbons and other embellishments. Stuff them with a new chapter book, a funky pen or pencil, a shaped eraser and a pencil topper. For older kids, provide a planner/calendar, a highlighter, a fun pen, and a locker shelf or mirror.

Don’t forget the Invites!

Of course, a back-to-school theme starts before the day of the party, when you let the guests know the details. Add a fun touch that also saves time with school bus invitations from the Amy Adele. Follow up with a reminder announcement printed with paint pens on mini chalkboards.

Have other Back to School Party ideas? Share them below!

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids: DIY Painted Glass Plates

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving activities for kids, how about glass painting? It’s so simple you can decorate dinner plates for all your guests in a single afternoon. In fact, you and your kids will probably want to extend your collection once you see what you can do.

Supplies: Glass painting looks impressive but requires no drawing skills or fancy equipment. All you need are cheap clear glass plates or glazed ceramics you can find in crafts stores or discount shops. Any small paint brushes will do. Depending on your design, you may also want to get stencils and sponges. Many different kinds of paints will work including oven-bake acrylic enamels or regular acrylic paints.

Painting and Design: Wash everything first so you have a clean surface for paint to stick to. Draw your design on paper or use a stencil. Then, tape it to the back of the clear plate. You can paint in the outline directly or trace it onto the front of the plate temporarily with a grease pencil so you can fill it in. Even small children can stamp on animal shapes or geometric patterns with shaped sponges and stamps. Let kids choose their own favorite pictures like turkeys or trains. They may even want to put each guest’s name on their plate.

Safety Tips: Read paint labels carefully to check if your paints are food safe. If not, it’s still easy to keep the paint surface away from food. Paint the back side only of clear glass pates so you can see the design when you look through them. If you’re painting vessels like pitchers and glasses, decorate the outside only and stay an inch below the top edge.

Make holiday gatherings and everyday family dinners more fun. Set your table with beautiful and easy crafts you make yourself. You and your children will enjoy the time you spend together, and kids will love showing off their masterpieces.

Boys Stationery: Expressing Thanks With Style and Theme

At, we know how important it is to teach children to be thankful. Whether they have received a compliment or a gift it’s a nice idea to have your boys write a thank you letter.

Our boys stationery is made just for boys. We offer a variety of designs making it fun for boys to write thank you letters to their friends or family. Thank you cards are 5″ x 3.5″ and we offer both flat cards and folded notes.

Our boys thank you cards are available in several themes, from sailboats to robots and firetrucks. We carry animal themes and prints, sea life and school related designs. We even have camping, and train designs!

All of our boys stationary can be personalized. We can also take care of special requests. If there is a design or theme that you want but can’t find on our site feel free to contact us with your idea. We will be happy help.

If you are interested in changing the color theme of any of our available designs you can, for only $10.00. All thank you cards can be modified to meet your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to let us know exactly what you want. We will do our best to ensure your satisfaction.

We offer a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can get your money back. Simply send back the products within 30 days and we will give you a full refund. You can receive a credit towards future purchases after the thirty days is up. You may request the credit up to sixty days after your purchase has been made.

We take pride in our stationary, thank you cards, and other products. We also try to encourage thankfulness. Teaching boys to write thank you letters to friends and family has never been this much fun!

Rainy Day Activity – Create a Fruit Bouquet

Fruit bouquet crafts are rainy day activities that are good enough to eat. See how easy it is for you and your kids to have fun designing beautiful creations for your table or for gifts.

Materials: For containers, you can use just about anything with a wide mouth. That could mean a wicker basket, ceramic vase or plastic tub covered with pretty wrapping paper. For a tropical look, how about a hollowed out melon or coconut?

To keep your flowers standing upright you need a soft base where you can insert their stems. Buy some florist foam or make your own lining by chopping off a section of iceberg lettuce big enough to fit the bottom of your container. Speaking of stems, you can make them out of bamboo skewers available at any craft shop.

In addition to knives, cookie cutters are a nice touch. They’re very convenient for making all kinds of shapes.

Design Options: Encourage your kids to play around with shapes and colors. These are a few ideas to get started.

Use cookie cutters to slice a pineapple into a flower, give it a melon ball center and stick it on a skewer. Skewer a row of small fruits like berries or grapes and arrange them in a circle. Dip green apple wedges in lemon juice to prevent browning and cut them with a rippled potato cutter. Line them around the inner rim of the container for a pretty layer of leaves under your flowers.

You can also use colored marshmallows or gumdrops for extra pizazz and to hold your fruit in place on the skewer. For extra nutrition, try working in some vegetables like grape tomatoes and broccoli florets.

Fruit bouquets brighten up rainy days. Eat your creations on the spot or use them for gifts and party decorations.

Forging a Lasting Bond with Grandchildren Activities

Grandparents and grandchildren come in all different shapes, sizes, ages, and energy levels with different interests, hobbies, and personalities.  The special relationship  between grandparents and grandchildren has the potential to be one of  life’s most precious.  Oftentimes miles separate grandparents and grandchildren, making regular time together difficult.  When together, the time is usually packed with fun and exciting activities.  Sometimes just the opposite is true, with grandparents living in the same city, neighborhood, or even house as their grandchildren.  While this is usually a positive thing in most aspects, it may be harder to think of fun activities to nurture the bond and grow the relationship when it’s so routine and familiar.  Rest assured, there are many grandchildren activities to keep both young and old happy.

It is important to pair personalities, physical capabilities, and interests when thinking about activities.  Many activities can be good for a broad spectrum of ages.

  • Gardening is a popular activity at any age.  The grandparent can share their knowledge and expertise while allowing the grandchildren to do most of the bending over and digging in dirt.  Then both can enjoy and share the fruits of their labor together.
  • Go for walks together.  This is an amazing opportunity for grandparents and grandchildren to get to know each other better.  Children often love to hear stories of their grandparents and parents childhood.  Depending on your location and energy level, this may mean a walk around the block, a stroll through a park, or a hike through the woods.  As a bonus, walking is great exercise for everyone!
  • Play games.  This can be as active or passive an activity as you desire.  For quieter indoor options, consider board games, card games, or puzzles.  You can head outdoors for games like croquet, bowling, or miniature golf.
  • Cook, bake, or craft together.  Different generations have different ideas and skills.  It can be a lot of fun to exchange ideas and teach each other different skills.  Often grandparents love to share their knowledge and expertise in various areas.  Grandchildren can be fortunate recipients of this if they take the time together.  Grandparents may even learn some new crafting and cooking skills themselves.  Grandchildren have much to offer as well.
  • Read together.  While this is a pleasant pastime for an individual, it can also be a great one for a pair.  Sitting and reading aloud can improve reading skills and pass the time.

Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive list.  There are so many fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren to do together.  Don’t limit yourselves. Look into things that make one or both parties feel passionate and excited and explore them together!

Gorgeous Green Glamping Activities to Play With Guests

Glamping is camping for glamorous types. It’s one of those activities to play with guests that lets you all enjoy the great outdoors without shivering in a leaky tent. Get ready to glamp out.

Choose your venue: There are plenty of upscale campsites all over the United States and around the world with a wide range of prices. Some have basic pre-pitched tents. Other have facilities so luxurious they’re more like rooms with a view. While rugged camping purists may scoff, most places make an effort to be eco friendly with solar panels and the like. Of course, you can also create a DIY experience in your own backyard.

Decide what to bring: Some venues will provide everything from the champagne flutes to the cashmere throws. Others may suggest that you bring your own towels and bed sheets. Whether you travel far or stay at home, a few amenities will enhance the experience. Loll around on deck chairs or fake fur rugs. Decorate with lanterns and tea lights. Hand out boot slippers to get comfortable in. Dine elegantly with silverware, cake stands and tea sets. Party with a cocktail shaker and martini glasses.

Coordinate the glamping activities: The priciest destinations may include butler service, but don’t expect Wi-Fi. Depending on your guests, you may lean towards sophisticated or outdoorsy fun. Throw a tea party or play bridge. Take a nature walk or watch birds. Enjoy traditional camping fun like roasting marshmallows and telling stories. Make up your own lyrics to make camp songs sound classier. How about a round of Row, Row, Row Your Yacht or Home on the Range Rover? Above all, take advantage of being offline and have a good old conversation face to face. And enjoy some alone time reading a book or catching up with far away friends with some stationery note writing.

Glamping is like Downton Abbey style meets National Geographic Channel adventure. Invite your friends over to share the fun.

Organizing Kids Toys in the Garage and Yard

Organizing kids toys may not sound so bad when you compare it to one of the toughest household challenges we all face. That’s the mess that builds up in our garages and yards. Try these 9 simple ideas that work just as well inside your home as they do outdoors.

Garbage cans: You can spend a fortune on a toy chest or buy an inexpensive garbage can to hold the big items. A variety of colorful plastic cans will look good and make sorting toys easier for small children.

Potter’s bench: These useful items are too good to be restricted to just the garden. Think of all the storage area and hanging space plus a convenient surface for work and play.

Hose: Yes, it would be messy to bring the hose into your child’s bedroom. Still, it comes in handy for tough cleaning jobs if you need to wash up before you can even think about organizing. A little dish washing liquid and a good hosing removes grime fast from many surfaces.

Hooks: Hooks aren’t just for garage walls and college dorm rooms. If you’ve got small closets take advantage of wall space for hanging lightweight toys. Stuff them into tote bags and hang them by the handles.

Small jars and containers: The same transparent containers filled with nails and screws can be used for tiny craft supplies, marbles and other small treasures. Drawer organizers work well too.

Platforms: If you love having room under your deck to keep things out of sight, how about a platform bed or other raised surface?

Categories and labels: If you keep your garage shelves labeled, why not create a similar system in your child’s room?

Ceiling storage net: If you don’t already have a net installed under your garage ceiling, buy two. You can use them like hammocks to store stuffed toys or anything lightweight.

Tarp: As a last resort, a big tarp or blanket can keep the mess under cover until you have time to organize. Sometimes that’s the best you can do.

Sweeten Grandchildren Activities by Making Candy Kabobs

Kids love making candy kabobs so they provide easy and fun grandchildren activities. If you feel like you’ve taken cupcakes as far as they can go, try skewering your sweets for a change.

How to Make Candy Kabobs: All you need are soft candies and wooden or bamboo skewers. If you’re not going to eat your creations on the spot, you’ll also want to have a supply of plastic bags and ribbons to keep them safe for later. Craft stores sell pretzel stick bags that are the perfect shape. Then, all you have to do is press the skewer through the candies.

Kids of all ages can join in the fun. Set up a station for them to select and sort the candies and assemble the kabobs. Skewers have sharp ends so you may want to handle them yourself if your grandchildren are very small.

Finding Candy for Your Kabobs: Any soft treat will do. Gummy candies are especially handy because they come in so many colors, shapes and sizes.

If you’re going to indulge in your kabobs right away, you can even alternate the candy with other foods. Add chunks of fruit like melon balls or pineapple cubes. Pop a couple of pieces of candy on the end of a chicken kabob for a built in desert.

How to Use Your Candy Kabobs for Gifts: You probably won’t be able to resist eating some of your work, but why not make a few extras for gifts? Insert a personalized gift tag with a special message and then bag them up and tie the bottom with a ribbon. Your grandchildren can bring home a treat for their parents or make a small present for their favorite teacher.

Simple crafts like candy kabobs can turn any afternoon with your grandchildren into a party. Creative play is even better when you get to eat your masterpieces.

Creative Valentine Ideas for Kids

We are always impressed with our customers creative Valentine ideas for kids. Here are a few ideas using Amy’s Valentine flat cards. These are perfect for kids or adults!

It’s O”Fish”al – Package some fish crackers or gummy fish into clear bags and tape onto this card.


BEE-U-TEA-FUL – A perfect gift for a teacher, friend, or coworker! Enclose a tea bag with a sugar stick for a sweet treat.

Valentine Tea Bee

Meant to “BEE” – A thoughtful gift for kids to give to teachers! Any lip balm is good, we chose Burts Bees as a fun play on words! 🙂


Valentine bee chapstick