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Save the Rhinos! Run for the Rhinos in Atlanta

I recently received an usual custom artwork request from a loyal customer of mine, Jennifer C. from Atlanta, GA. I get custom artwork requests from all kinds of people and for all kinds of events. But Jennifer needed a unique design created for a special event her young daughter had put together. She wanted a […]

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Artist Genes? My Daughter’s Surprise!

My beautiful and lovely 17 year old daughter, Emily, has recently discovered something about herself…. she’s a talented artist! I know you’re probably thinking that I’m biased (yes, of course I am) or that I expected or directed her to be an artist (I didn’t, promise!). Other than the genes that are in the family, […]

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Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween! I loved Halloween as a kid. I remember the excitement of carving the pumpkin, eating a quick dinner and then setting out with my dad in a sweet little costume I was thrilled about! The candy was fine but the excitement of the day and night was way better! Each of my kiddos […]

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Children’s Museum in the Upstate: Greenville, SC

  This past Saturday, both my husband and eldest daughter were out of town. So, Grace, Corban and I were eating breakfast and trying to figure out what adventure we too, could take!  I opened up a local children’s magazine to see if I spotted anything in there for us to do and found that […]

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Anniversary Celebration at the Grove Park Inn

Joey and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this week! 20 years is a long time, but it went by fast! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, because we still feel like kids. Our mothers have been dear friends since middle school. So, Joey and I have known each other a long time! […]

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Friday Amy update: New Website

I am thrilled about our new site and I hope others feel the same way when they visit! is like our home in that we want it to look its best for all our friends! We always want our customers to have a pleasant and easy experience. We have added so many new items over […]

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Friday Amy Update: All Natural Grain Bars Recipe

School is in full swing now and I love having a few hours each morning to work and get my home organized. Part of my job description is head chef! And on January 1st of this year the grocery list had a complete overhaul. My husband decided to go on a strict 30-day Whole 30 diet. I […]

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Friday Amy Update: Emily Get’s her Driver’s License… Finally

Emily is driving!! So if back-to-school week wasn’t hectic enough, we obtained Emily’s Driver’s License as well! It has been QUITE an ordeal, I must say. The state of South Carolina has a lot of rules when it comes to new drivers. First, she had to get her Learners Permit by taking a written test […]

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Friday Amy Update: Back to School

It’s back to school week! Some of us are a bit more excited than others to see this week arrive but it is here none the less. We’ve been working hard gathering all our supplies, clothes and all the other school gear over the last few weeks. Now we can check everything off the lists! […]

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Friday Amy Update: Introducing Pepe!

On August 11, 2014 our family welcomed our new little dog, Pepe! He was my grandmother’s beloved pet and after she passed away a few weeks ago, we were honored to inherit him. Pepe is a Bichon Frise who was found on the side of the road a number of years ago. We think he […]

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