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Baby Shower Ideas: How to Encourage Thankfulness

Baby showers, as sweet as they can be, may come with a little bit of stress. As a host, you’ll probably feel pressure to ensure everyone feels welcome, well-fed/watered and comfortable. The mommy-to-be will most likely feel slightly self-conscious as all eyes in the room watch her open a plethora of gifts. Will she like […]

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Friday Amy Update: A Weekend at Camp

This past weekend I went to camp! Every Sunday, my daughter Emily and I lead a class of third grade girls at our church. That is how we got looped in with other leaders, and ended up taking 200+ third and fourth grade kids up to a weekend camp in the mountains. I’ve been to […]

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Party Banners!

We are excited to add a new product line at Amy Adele!  In addition to stationery, invitations,  t-shirts, bibs, one-piece baby outfits, calling cards, gift tags and labels, we now offer large Party Banners! Amy’s cute party banners are a fabulous way to share the excitement with everyone! These banners are printed on recycled paper and […]

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Peace Sign Stationery and Thank You Notes

  My daughters told me a design with a peace sign was a must, but I didn’t know it would be THIS popular! After a few weeks of printing up a whole bunch of our Peace Sign Stationery, my eldest daughter (age 12) said… “Um, Mom, it’s cute but you need to do one that’s […]

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It's all NEW!

We’ve got a new look, a new logo, and a new site! We’ve been working really hard on our redesign and we are so excited that it is finally live! It has felt like building a house… you think it’s going to be ready to move into on a certain date but then for a gazillions […]

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My Halloweens when I was a kid

Every year when Halloween comes along, it always brings back great memories of when I was a kid. I loved Halloween — the excitement it brought was way more fun than the candy (although I liked that too as you can see). I would get so excited about the events of the day. I would […]

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NEW! Personalized Envelopes with Amy's Designs

We started printing return addresses on our envelopes a while ago. However, we bought this new fancy printer that will allow us to print Amy’s designs on the front. How cool is that? Here are a few examples: Amy’s Tulips Stationery and the matching envelope. Happy Daisy Row Stationery and the matching envelope. Fire Truck […]

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NEW Just for You! – July 2, 2009

Customer Care Manager Whitney introduces Amy’s 2 newest stationery designs, Fishing Boy and Two Sisters, as well as over 200 new t-shirts, in boys, girls, and Baby one-piece styles.

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NEW Just for YOU! – June 24, 2009

Amy Adele announces Amy’s designs on 63 new Baby T-shirts as well as a new Polka Dot Butterfly stationery design, the latter selected by recent customer response to Amy’s last blog post.

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NEW Just for YOU! – June 8, 2009

Amy’s Designs have been added to several more T-shirts children of all ages. This post features 3 of Whitney’s very favorites!

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