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Encouraging writing skills: Boys edition

It’s a common misconception that boys are better at math and girls are better at writing and language arts. This popular belief, according to developmental psychologists actually has no basis in reality, but is more of a reflection of the beliefs and teaching of society. These days, teachers and parents of girls are often encouraged […]

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Teacher Appreciation Day Contest

May 6th is Teacher Appreciation Day and it’s just around the corner! We are so thankful for all the teachers who have helped us grow and who have supported us every day, that we are channeling our excitement into a contest! Tell us something fun or encouraging your child’s teacher did this year! We’d love to […]

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! There are many simple things you can do to protect our planet, each of which might not seem terribly consequential, but put together, they all add up. A beach is made of millions of grains of sand deposited over time – not all earth-friendly gestures have to be as big as planting […]

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Writing: Why children’s stationery is important

One reason for giving personalized children’s stationery is to help motivate children to do their best possible writing. The ability to write well, especially in social settings, is one that is seldom gets enough time to develop fully in schools because of the sheer volume of other information and skills to be mastered. That is a shame […]

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5 Tips To Give A Birthday Experience Instead Of A Traditional Party

We’ve all seen it…the pile of gifts at a traditional children’s birthday party.  It is exciting at the time, but ask them in six months what they received and most won’t remember.  However, take them to that event they have always wanted to go to and they will surely remember it.  In a world where […]

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Follow-up on Corban’s 5th Birthday!

Corban started the day off by celebrating with his preschool classmates. He brought these birthday cookies to share! They were made by one of our very own Amy Adele staff. Sometimes we just don’t know how we contain so much talent in one building. (We apologize for the sideways “A”, the box may or may […]

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Three Simple Steps for a Meaningful Thank You Note

With spring birthdays, communions, baptisms, and Easter right around the corner, it is the perfect time to help children find easy and thoughtful ways to show their appreciation. There is no better way than through a well written note. No matter what their age, here is how to help children write thank you notes that truly stand […]

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Activities and Games To Play with Your Grandchildren

Grandparents love participating in their grandchildren’s life and are involved in a special relationship with their grandchildren. Every grandparent loves to share family history, tell stories and pass on family traditions. With this, as well as many other activities, a deep bond forms between you and your grandchild. It doesn’t matter what the distance is […]

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Involve Pre-Teens and Teens in Family Celebrations

Grandma’s wedding to her fourth husband may be the event-of-the-year in your eyes; however, your child may not feel the same. Kids, especially teens and pre-teens, often feel left out during these major family celebrations. From black-tie weddings to gender reveal baby showers, each family event is special. To involve your pre-teen or teen in […]

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How to Roast Marshmallows the Safe and Delicious Way

With fall and winter quickly approaching, it is the perfect time to teach your kids how to roast marshmallows. While many people consider summer to be the best time to roast marshmallows, depending on where you live it could be too hot to roast marshmallows during the summer. The chilly months that are quickly coming is […]

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