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Nine Wonderful Children’s Wintry Party Themes

The winter months are quickly approaching and a children’s birthday party that lands during those months is challenging to plan. But if you use some creativity, each season offers lots of potentially fun activities or themes which will make any party special. Yes, wintertime is just full of great children’s wintry party themes!

A Winter Carnival

Make up games that children would play at a fair or carnival but use a winter theme. You could set up stations for different games. For instance, establish a booth with tin cans lined up on the edge of a table and have the children try to knock them down by propelling a snowball at the cans. You could let the children have sledding races or create stations for snowball bowling. Hand out prizes to the winners that are fitting of a carnival like a stuffed animal and, since it’s a carnival, make sure to serve fun carnival food like pretzels, cotton candy, popcorn and hot chocolate.

A Snowman Competition

This could end up being one of the best activities! Split the kids into even teams and place the teams at different locations in your yard. This might be a good activity for the front yard—providing you have the space—and you can get a jump on decorating for Christmas at the same time! Old accessories and clothing should be collected ahead of time to supply the kids with something to clothe their snowman. After all, there’s nothing worse than a naked snowman! Also, don’t forget about supplying them with carrots, raisins or berries and sticks for noses, eyes, mouths and arms—what’s a snowman without a face? You and other parents should stand by as judges and, when everyone is finished with their snowman, pick the best one and present the winning team with some kind of an award. Snowballs, a snowman pizza and a snowman ice cream cake make tasty treats to serve inside to hungry children after all the excitement.

Snow Castle Party

Who says you need sand and sunshine to make a castle? That white stuff in your back—or front—yard can turn out to be an asset. Throw a snow castle constructing party! At this party, kids should come all bundled up and ready to spend lots of time outside using plastic toy shovels, beach pails and different kinds of carving tools to make a castle out of snow. You can have the children work together to make one big castle or make it into a competition between two teams—either way, the kids are sure to have a blast! When the fun outdoors is finished, bring the kids indoors to warm up with some delicious chili or soup and hot chocolate; but don’t forget those marshmallows! Snow white frosting and flaked coconut will make a great wintery topping for just about any dessert.

Winter Olympics

Arrange competitions and games for kids to enjoy that are built on ideas from the winter Olympic events. Put together events of snowshoe racing, snowball throwing contests and snow mound jumping, just to name a few. Be sure to have a different award for first, second and third place winners for each event. Decorations should be set to the theme of the winter Olympics—draw the Olympic rings in the snow in your back yard and use food coloring to show off the Olympic ring colors. You can also hang up paper torches inside your house and the birthday cake should be red, white and blue.

Winter Pool Party

Why should a few inches of snow stop the children from enjoying one of summer’s best activities? Indoor pools render the chance for kids to swim, splash and celebrate in a regulated climate while the weather outdoors may be frigid. You may be able to rent a pool in a community center, hotel or fitness center and decorations can be left to the imagination. You could just have tropical-colored decorations to symbolize summer. But wouldn’t it be fun to have the best of both seasons? Purchase inflatable palm trees and decorate them with paper snowflakes. How about snowflake-printed towels lain over lawn chairs? The cake could be a large swimming pool with polar bear figurines on top.

Ice Skating

Bring the children to a safe skating lake or pond for the party or rent an ice rink for a few hours. If you choose to rent an ice rink, you’ll need to rent one four to six weeks in advance; be sure to ask about package deals and if you can bring in food from home. You’ll want to have parents nearby that are good skaters so that they can help the kids that don’t know how to ice skate. Play some fun, upbeat music and let the children free-skate. Integrate a few games such as a skating version of red light/green light. The birthday child stands in front of the rest of the children but a little bit of distance away with his or her back toward them. When the child says, “green light” the rest of the kids will start to skate ahead; when the child says, “red light” and turns around, all the children have to be stopped. If the birthday child catches anyone moving forward then that person has to go back to the starting line. The first child to tag the birthday child wins the game and then takes their turn in that spot. For decorations you could hang up icicles, paper ice skates and snowflakes around the rink. If you got a package deal, hot dogs or pizza usually is included. The cake could be in the form of an icy pond with figure skaters adorning the top or in the shape of an ice skate.

Snowflake Ball

Although snow may get old for adults as the season wears on, for children the magic never fades. For this type of party, rent a banquet hall and decorate it with icicle lights and snowflakes dangling over their heads while they’re on the dance floor. Use synthetic snow and sparkles to create a wintery invitation in the entryway. For the table, purchase shimmering white and blue place settings on a snowflake tablecloth. An artificial snow making machine and ice sculptures would be an enhancement to the magical feel of the party. You can’t forget the entertainment! Make sure to have some party games that are suitable for the snowflake party such as Snowflake Trivia. Get several adults to write winter or Christmas trivia questions on paper cut-out snowflakes—one question per snowflake. Then each child pulls a snowflake out of a bowl and tries to answer the question; the child who answers the most questions wins. Or you could hire someone to give basic ballroom dance lessons. For the menu, snowflake cookies, white hot chocolate, a tray of veggie and cheese pieces that are cut into snowflakes and a snowflake cake would be a hit.

Snow Sculpting

Snow sculpting is a lot of fun and what child wouldn’t love to do this? Hand out to each child a portion of snow to use. Make up ahead of time a box full of “props” that the kids can pick from to adorn their sculpture with. Items could include: masks, boas, beads, sunglasses, flowers, leaves and rocks. Pick a time limit—say, an hour—and let the children develop their best sculpture during that time frame. Take a vote to confirm a winner in several different categories like “best executed”, “most creative” and “best over-all”. For the cake, you could have one specially made that looks like an ice sculpture!

Penguin Party

Just about all children love animals and who doesn’t love penguins? They’re so cute and would make a great party theme! Decorating can be very simple: white and black streamers and balloons hung on the walls and ceiling of the party room and you could buy a penguin-printed tablecloth with black place settings and white napkins. If you want an extra touch, place some plush penguins of different sizes around the room. Entertaining the kids will be just as easy as decorating. You can show them a movie like “Happy Feet” or “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”, give them a penguin craft to make and play some standard games in which the children will have to imitate the penguin like penguin waddle relay races. The kids will absolutely love your penguin cupcakes cake!

Whether you’re trying to get rid of those winter blues or planning a birthday party, one of these winter party themes are sure to be a hit. You’ll want to check out our great website for everything you’ll need for your party!

Fall Celebrations

Curling up with a good book is a strong temptation in the fall, when the weather turns crisp or autumn rains begin, especially during October’s National Book Month holiday. Celebrate the possibilities open through a love of reading when you choose a book theme for birthdays and other parties. From classics to contemporary, stories come alive with a little creative planning, and it doesn’t have to involve spending a lot of money to incorporate holiday party ideas. Provide book-related party favors to keep the enchantment going long past the last guest’s departure.
Invitations, Decorations and Favors for a Book Theme
Set the stage for a book-themed party with invitations made from library checkout cards and book pockets. Type or write the party details on the card, slip it into a pocket and put them into an envelope. Or, to take the theme to another level, glue the sides of a book dust jacket together, add the card and pocket to the inside and address the “envelope” on a bookplate sticker adhered to the outside of the jacket. Stitch two pages of a book together and glue on a ribbon handle to make goody bags that you fill with bookmarks, playtime eyeglasses and maybe a copy of a paperback book, as well. Make garlands from book covers or pages to decorate the party room or place framed book pages around the table and on other surfaces.
Food for a Book Theme
Take some ideas from the books themselves when selecting foods. For example, display Dr. Seuss’s “One Fish, Two Fish,” and serve goldfish crackers or fish-design cupcakes or cookies. Add a storybook-shaped cake to the menu, along with food-dyed “Green Eggs and Ham.” Chocolate chip cookies fit with “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” and many other books present ideas for food and drinks that pertain to those stories. Gummy worms and apples also make great book-related treats.
Classics and Book Themes
Well-loved classics offer a variety of possibilities for your party. Hold a silly tea party with an “Alice in Wonderland” theme by labeling foods with “eat me” or “drink me” tags, use mismatched tableware and make cakes, cookies and other confections in unusual sizes. Or throw some pillows around on the floor and enact “One Thousand and One Nights” by encouraging guests to share stories. For adults, recreate “The Great Gatsby” with 1920s clothing and great jazz music. Use cookbooks related to the story to share the four-course afternoon tea from “Anne of Green Gables,” serving sandwiches, raspberry cordial and other treats.
Historical Fiction and Book Themes
Invite guests to the “Little House in the Big Woods” or “Little House on the Prairie” for a celebration of historical fiction. Encourage guests to dress for the occasion in pioneer-style clothing, and add some of the foods in the books to your menu. Combine history and gardening with a “Secret Garden” party that includes glittered keys to open the garden’s gate for bird-, flower- and butterfly-shaped cookies and treats. Let guests “chaaaarge it” with make-believe key cards when you turn “Eloise at the Plaza” into an entertaining theme, with guests playing dress-up and munching on Eggs Eloise omelets, Teeny Weenies, and Skipperdee sandwiches, named in honor of Eloise’s pets.
Fantasy, Science Fiction and Book Themes
“Charlotte’s Web” combines fantasy with classic literature. Serve up a pig-shaped cake, along with popcorn and farm-fresh produce, before letting guests decorate their own pumpkin with markers and stickers. Send guests on a Percy Jackson-themed treasure hunt, complete with clues that refer to mythology and to events in the book.
Animal Fiction and Book Themes
Animal books like “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and “Curious George” give you lots of ways to bring the books to life at your party, while “Horton Hears a Who” gives you the perfect excuse to serve cake pops as the featured refreshments. Let guests make their own masks, crowns and wands before dancing the wild rumpus dance from “Where the Wild Things Are.”                          Contact us for more holiday party themes and tips.books-girly-al

Calling Cards for Kids

cc619_cardWhen it comes to kids calling cards, there are so many fun possibilities. Children like to announce what’s going on in their world, and calling cards are a unique way for them to get the word out.

Ages 5 – 12

Young children have lots going on in their lives. Here are some ways they can make use of cards.

  • Sports games – Calling cards are available for all sports. Your child can have cards with their name on them. They can write upcoming game dates on the cards and pass them out to friends and family.
  • Party reminders – Do you remember being a child and worrying that no one would come to your party? A reminder in the form of a calling card will help ensure that no one forgets the important date!
  • Upcoming school plays or award ceremonies – Your child’s personalized “save-the-date” calling card will help remind everyone about upcoming special events in the child’s life.
  • Personalized gift cards – You can save a bundle by using personalized calling cards on birthday and other holiday gifts. Your child can add a personal message to the card if they like.

Ages 13 – 15

Children in their early teen years are all about socializing. They will find dozens of uses for their personalized calling cards. We probably don’t have to give you, or them, ideas. Surprise them with the gift of calling cards and let them have fun.

Teens can write messages to friends on their calling cards. Shy children can use them to help break the ice when meeting new friends. You may even find your teen handing you one with an important reminder written on it.

Ages 16 and Up

Oh, the many uses of calling cards for older teens! Think about the possibilities:

  • Calling cards are a great way to hand out their email address.
  • Your teen can use them to give friends their new cell phone number.
  • Calling cards can be used to arrange social meetings amongst friends – “meet me at (fill in the blank)” for example.
  • This age group may want to use calling cards as unique invitations to a party.


Calling cards with your kid’s name on them aren’t just for kids. Parents can use them too.

You can carry cards with your children’s names. When you meet other parents at the park, school, or another activity you can add your name and number to the card and hand it to them.

If your child has allergies or special needs, both you and the child may want to carry some cards listing the specifics. These can be handed out to teachers, schools, day care, or babysitters.

Check out our website for more ideas and information on how to order calling cards for kids.

Party Planning Tips for Children’s Birthday Parties

A child’s birthday party may seem easy to plan, but anyone who has done it knows it is no easy task! Party planning takes a vast amount of time, planning, and energy. With all of the decisions to be made, sometimes it can be hard to know just where to begin! Here are some must-know party planning tips that will make throwing your child’s birthday celebration much easier!

Theme: When planning a party, the best way to start is to first decide on a theme. What is something your child really loves or has an interest in? Whether it be cats or dogs, tea parties or sports, dinosaurs or cars, the perfect theme is right at your fingertips!

Invitations: Once you have picked your theme, the next step is to find and send out invitations. Invites are a great way to set the tone of the party, so try finding ones with graphics that go along with the theme of your celebration. This will not only delight your child, but will also get your guests excited too. Check out our selection of invitations that are perfect for all of your party needs!

Decorations: Atmosphere is key when it comes to a fabulous party, so get creative! If you’re DIY handy, this is a great way to incorporate your theme into your décor. Not so crafty? No problem! Head straight to the party supply store and knock out all of your decorating needs in one stop!

Budget: Spending a fortune on a party is easy to do, so be sure to make a budget. Remember, kids just want to play and have fun, so make it simple. Games, crafts, and kid-friendly snacks are the ultimate combo for an excellent party. And don’t worry about loading guests up with goody bags. Stickers and trinkets are nice, but most parents find it unnecessary. Talk about a money-saver!

For after-party extras, be sure to check out our large selection of stationary for those must-send thank you notes!

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Children’s Party Ideas for Snacks

Kids these days seem to have way more allergies than ever before. If your child has food restrictions, you probably already know what to serve and how to adapt meals to get rid of the offensive ingredients. But what if you’re just having a birthday party and want everyone to feel welcome?  Here are some childrens party ideas for foods that everyone can enjoy without worrying about going home sick.

Gluten Free Birthday Party Foods

The birthday cake; it’s a rare treat for a kid with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten insensitivity.  Conservative estimates say that only 1% of the US population has full-blown celiac disease, but an even higher percentage has a non-celiac gluten intolerance, which can be part of Crohn’s disease or a stand-alone condition.  Basically, these kids can’t have anything with wheat flour in it and even white flour is made with wheat.

Ditching the cake is one idea, but most grocery stores now have a gluten-free section with birthday cake and frosting mixes just like the regular baking section.  Unfortunately, if you’re stirring with a wooden spoon that’s been used for regular recipes, the gluten can cross-contaminate the gluten free cake and cause a reaction in the most sensitive kids.

If you’re serving a child with very severe allergies, make sure their parents are aware that the cake wasn’t prepared in a gluten free kitchen. Some kids’ reactions are so bad that their parents would prefer to not take ANY chances.  Consider enlisting the help of the parents of extra-sensitive kids, to ensure that the cake is safe enough for them to eat. Some communities have gluten free bakeries that can whip up a cake with frosting and themed decorations just like any other bakery.

Birthday Party foods for Gluten Free and Dairy Free guests.

Here are a few snack ideas that are generally gluten free and dairy free.

  • Fruit kabobs
  • Corn tortilla chips and salsa or guacamole
  • A veggie tray (Hummus is a nice nondairy dip)
  • Nuts (that’s an entirely different allergy)
  • All-fruit popsicles
  • Fresh berries
  • Popcorn (avoid butter and caramel for dairy free kids)
  • Trail mix (be sure they’re labeled gluten free, oats sometimes carry gluten)
  • Olives and pickles

Feeding a bunch of kids was probably a lot easier 25 years ago and catering to the dietary needs of other people’s kids can be a drag. Imagine having dietary restrictions and always having to decline goodies and treats at parties? Serving up safe snacks for children is the ultimate act of hospitality. Being able to eat whatever you want is one of the joys of childhood and when you serve safe party snacks, everyone will have more fun.

5 Tips To Give A Birthday Experience Instead Of A Traditional Party

We’ve all seen it…the pile of gifts at a traditional children’s birthday party.  It is exciting at the time, but ask them in six months what they received and most won’t remember.  However, take them to that event they have always wanted to go to and they will surely remember it.  In a world where “stuff” seems to overwhelm our lives, consider giving the gift of an experience this year instead of a traditional party.  Make a memory with your child they won’t soon forget.

  1. Setting a budget…just like a birthday party, birthday experiences can be provided at any budgetary level.  Make sure you consider not only the cost of the tickets (for sporting events, concerts or theme parks for example), but also food and any other souvenirs you are willing to purchase.
  2. Choosing the experience…every child is different, professional sports events might top the list of some, while others may want to visit a theme park or new museum they haven’t been to yet.  Others may simply want an over-night stay at a hotel with a pool or to see the professional ballet or symphony.  A ride in a helicopter or a limousine might be what other kids have always wanted to do.  Decide whether you will offer choices to your child or select it for them.
  3. Inviting friends…depending on the experience and your budget, you may be able to invite a few friends to go with your child on their experience.  Having someone to share an experience with can not only increase enjoyment but also help create even more special memories for your child.
  4. Giving other gifts…just because you are giving an experience doesn’t mean a traditional gift is not possible.  Consider giving a gift that coordinates with the experience or maybe something to help time pass on the trip if there is a long car ride to the experience.  A new baseball glove if you are going to a baseball game, new tennis shoes if the event requires a lot of walking, maybe let them chose a souvenir from the gift shop or a camera to take pictures during the experience.
  5. Making it special…Birthdays are all about having a special day for your child.  Send invitations if inviting others for the experience.  Make a paper announcement or special certificate to detail the experience for your child.  Consider ordering a special dessert or maybe bringing a cake to the experience.  Give a t-shirt or hat as a party favor if it fits into your budget.

Memories last a lifetime.  Give your child an experience they won’t forget this year.

Follow-up on Corban’s 5th Birthday!

Corban started the day off by celebrating with his preschool classmates. He brought these birthday cookies to share! They were made by one of our very own Amy Adele staff. Sometimes we just don’t know how we contain so much talent in one building. 😉

(We apologize for the sideways “A”, the box may or may not have been shaken a bit, and by the time we noticed the cookies were long gone!)

photo (4)

After he came home from school Corban picked out the movie Turbo to watch because it was a little rainy outside. Then the whole family went out for burgers. (Amy normally prepares food for them at home, so this was a real treat!) Here is Corban in his birthday shirt on the way to dinner.

photo (5)

When they got back home Corban opened some gifts from family. He got a spider man mask, some books, and a remote control car. Then they unveiled the biggest present of all…his new bike!

photo (6)

Corban has been riding a balance bike (one without pedals) for some time now, so this big boy bike with pedals and brakes is a big step. They pulled the cars out of the garage so that he could ride his new bike in spite of the rainy weather. He was able to master pedaling forward by the next day! Braking is still in the works, but is getting a little better each time.

There was also chocolate cake. (Which Corban was much less excited about once his bike was revealed!)

photo (3)

Thanks for stopping by, and keep your eyes peeled! In the very near future we will be doing a series of artist spotlight blogs. The series will give you an inside look at Amy Adele’s various artists, and I think it is something you won’t want to miss! 🙂

Childrens Party Themes: Bring Elmo to Life!

If you’re a parent who always throws a great party for your kid(s), and this year you’re a little tapped for ideas, I know how you feel. I’ve become frazzled and stressed because I wanted my child to have a memorable birthday, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to keep a bunch of rambunctious kindergartners busy for a few hours. Childrens party themes can be difficult but here is some first hand advise.

Hire Your Child’s favorite Character

My advice would be to hire a children’s character, or rent a costume and dress up as your child’s favorite character, and hard work is done! This can relieve your stress, allowing you peace of mind for your child’s birthday party because the entertainment is safe, fun, and catered specifically for your child. You can be sure that the kids are entertained for at least an hour; giving you time to prepare refreshments, the cake, other activities, or even allowing you to take a well deserved break. One of the best themes to use would be that of a beloved character from the hit educational TV series: Sesame Street.


The lovable, three and a half year old red monster, is a laughable furry creature that all toddlers are able to identify with. My son loved Elmo until he was 6 years old; he had every Elmo toy, every Elmo DVD, and every Elmo themed learning device. Needless to say, by the time I was preparing for his 5th birthday, I was a little pressed for a new way to throw an Elmo birthday party. About a month before the party, I got the best idea ever! I decided to have Elmo come and perform! When I told my son, his reaction was “ELMO? At my party?!?!” He was excited beyond words, jumping around and bragging to everyone who would listen (more like everyone who could hear), “My mama is getting Elmo to come to my party!” By the time the day came for the party, he was up and out of bed as if it was Christmas morning. Elmo put on a great show, and my son still remembers that birthday to this day, (he’s now the ripe old age of 8). He felt as if a celebrity had jumped out of the television just to give him a show because it was his special day.

So, if you’re needing any ideas for Children’s party themes, Elmo is a great idea. Have “Elmo” come to your child’s birthday party, and watch the smiles break out on their faces as the lovable character puts on a special show just for them! You’ll definitely be the hero, and the greatest parent in the world in their eyes for years to come. Click here are some great invitations from Amy Adele to get your party started!


Childrens Party Themes Celebrating Labor Day

Labor Day is usually considered the end of summer and it is a great opportunity to create a childrens party themes gathering celebrating Labor Day which could also include parents. The party could take place in a backyard or at a local park whichever provides the most space for this party.


Invitations should be mailed two weeks before the party date. The invitation should include the party celebration, name of the host, address for the party, date and time of the party (with rain date and time) and RSVP deadline with phone number and email address. If you would like the parents to participate in the party this should also be included on the invitations.


Decorate with red, white and blue balloons by tying the balloons to picnic tables and at the end of the party the children can take the balloons home. Party ware, consisting of plates, napkins, cups and tablecloth, should be in the theme of the party. You could also have a colorful banner welcoming everyone to the Labor Day celebration.


Have the children parade around the block. Ask the guests to bring wagons, bikes, scooters, drums and tambourines. Provide the children with construction paper, streamers, balloons and small flags for decorating the floats for their parade. Set up a play area with yo-yos, hoola hoops, jump ropes, Frisbees and have relay races. Have a separate area for the children to draw, paint, work on puzzles and possible work on a mural.


Serve the children hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, potato chips and root beer floats. Some fun finger food to serve might include; carrot sticks, celery, cheese, strawberries, grapes and bananas. Have the guest make their own strawberry shortcakes or ice cream sundaes. You may also want to have some cookies and possibly a cake to celebrate the holiday.

Party Favors

At the end of the party give the children favor bags filled with chalk, rubber balls, paddle balls, bubbles, noise makers, ball & Jack sets, marbles, and silly putty.

This is such a good way to celebrate the end of summer with family and friends. The children will have a great time and the adults will be happy to participate in this form of entertainment.

Visit our website for information in planning your children’s Labor Day celebration. We will happy to assist you anytime.


Back To School: Childrens Party Themes

The end of summer can be a conflicting time for some children. The light-hearted days of summer are coming to an end but it is also an exciting time for them that includes learning new things and meeting new friends. This is a good time to have a back to school childrens party celebration.


Send out invitations at least two weeks prior to the party. Invitations should contain the party location, the host, date of the party, start and end time of the party and RSVP deadline with phone number. If you would like parents to stay during the party state this on the invitation.


Decorations add some excitement to the party and it need not be expensive decorations. Decorate the party area with balloons and streamers in red, blue and white or use the child’s school colors. Have large paper cut outs in the shape of a school bus, apples, letters and numbers. Purchase party ware like napkins, plates, cups and tablecloth in a color or theme that suits the party. Decorate the dessert table with balloon bouquets using an uneven number of balloons and arrange them at different heights. If you use helium filled balloons tie a ribbon around each balloon and let them float from the ceiling.  Arrange streamers around the doorway and they also look nice hanging from a chandelier as this gives the party a celebratory feel. If having a centerpiece use something that relates to the theme of going back to school.


There are many games that children can play at this party such as 20 questions, bingo, back to school word search, Simon says, pin the tail on the donkey  or musical chairs.  Children also like arts and crafts so set up a craft table for painting, collage and clay sculpting. They might also like to decorate pencil boxes and book markers to show their artistry.


For this party serve peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, string cheese, baby carrots or celery, grapes or strawberries, pudding or applesauce cups, chocolate chips cookies and juice boxes. Pack the lunches in brown lunch bags and put the child’s name on a bag. You might also consider serving school bus cupcakes or some form of dessert that relates to school.

When the party has ended send each child home with a favor bag filled with pencils, crayons, note pads, stencils and erasers. This should be a fun filled party which ends the summer on a happy note.

Visit our website for more information about planning a theme party for your back to school child.

School Bus Folded Notecard