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Birthday Parties — Under the Sea

As the summer heats up and our thoughts turn to the beach, what better time for an “Under the Sea” theme party?  Fish, sharks, mermaids, turtles, shells, octopuses, crabs, bubbles and pirates are all welcomed to this nautical party!

If you’re having an indoor party, consider tacking inexpensive blue fabric to the ceiling to make guests feel like they are literally “under the sea.” Hang green streamers from the ceiling for seaweed. Cut out starfish and sea horse shapes and hang them from some of the streamers. For older kids, you can also cover the floor in green and blue balloons to add more to the water effect.

Use disposable blue and green plastic tablecloths to cover the tables, and drape fishnet on top. Add seashells, plastic fish and even some chocolate gold coins for added tabletop decorations — maybe even some goldfish crackers and gummy fish.

Here are a couple of cake ideas:

Crab Birthday Cake from Real Simple

we REALLY love these simple shark cupcakes, using gray fondant for the fins.

Shark Fin Cupcakes

And here are some of Amy’s sea creature designs:

Ocean Friends Invitations
Ocean Friends Thank You Note
Fish T-shirt
Mermaid Invitations
Mermaid Thank You Notes
Mermaid Calling Cards
Shark Invitations
Crab Invitations

Birthday Parties — Fire Trucks

Every grown man at one time or another secretly wanted to be a fireman. Maybe it’s the heroism or maybe it’s just the big red shiny truck — either way, Fire Trucks make a great theme for birthday parties!

Leah at Foggy Days and Sunset Living hosted an amazing Fire Truck Party and has lots of great ideas and pictures to share.

There are tons of great games for a Fire Truck Party, including water brigade (a relay game where two teams race against the clock to transfer the most water from one large container into another), Stop-Drop-and-Roll (kids dance until the music stops and then they must stop, drop and roll until it starts playing again) and Put Out the Fire (kids throw water balloons at targets created to look like “fire”). A more ambitious parent might call a local firehouse to see if they’ll give a tour and/or fire safety demonstration to the whole group. Nothing tops off a Fire Truck Party like getting to see the real thing in person!

Betty Crocker has this great instructional video on how to make this Fire Engine cake:

Fire Engine Cake

And, of course, for invitations and thank-you notes, Amy’s got you covered:

Firefighter Notecard
Fire and Rescue Notecard
Fire Truck Notecard
Fire Truck Invitations
Fire Truck Thank You Note
Fire Truck Waterproof Label

Birthday Parties — Karaoke Party

Who hasn’t watched “American Idol” without daydreaming about grabbing the mike and singing her heart out for all America? A karaoke party may be just the thing for your rising young rock star!

First, you’ll need a karaoke machine. They are pretty easy to rent for parties, and you may even have karaoke rooms for rent in your city. Or buy one and let that be part of the birthday present (check Craigslist and eBay for the best deals). Your kids’ game system may also have an “American Idol” karaoke game available.

Depending on the age of your rising star, there are lots of fun things to rock the party. Start with a red carpet at the entrance and provide each guest with special “backstage passes” to the party room. You’ll want a small stage area of some sort. A mirror ball and a spotlight add lots of rock star ambiance.

Set up a rock star dressing room, complete with feather boas, crazy hats, wigs, sunglasses, etc, so the guests can dress to the nines before taking the stage. Glow stick necklaces and bracelets add color and fun.

If your guests are old enough, you can have real judges and give prizes to the top contestants.

Microphone cupcakes:

Microphone Cupcakes from Dolcissima Cupcakes
Microphone Cupcakes from M&M's

Amy’s Rock Star designs:

Rock Star Invitations
Rock Star Notecards
Rock Star T-Shirt
Rock Star Thank You Notes
Blue Music Staff Notecards