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5 Tips To Give A Birthday Experience Instead Of A Traditional Party

We’ve all seen it…the pile of gifts at a traditional children’s birthday party.  It is exciting at the time, but ask them in six months what they received and most won’t remember.  However, take them to that event they have always wanted to go to and they will surely remember it.  In a world where […]

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Back To School: Childrens Party Themes

The end of summer can be a conflicting time for some children. The light-hearted days of summer are coming to an end but it is also an exciting time for them that includes learning new things and meeting new friends. This is a good time to have a back to school childrens party celebration. Invitations Send out […]

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Childrens Party Ideas: Stepping Beyond the Typical Backyard Bash

A recent gathering in Raleigh, North Carolina saw children and adults literally taking off their shoes. Not only did they walk barefoot, but they spent the day without their shoes to call attention to the fact that over 400 million young people go without a necessity most of us take for granted — literally the […]

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Children’s Birthday Party Themes

Your child’s birthday is in a few months and you want to do something special. How about a themed birthday party? Talk to your child and see if he/she has any ideas—I’m sure they will! There are many ideas for children’s party themes and they can be designed to fit your child’s personality, number of […]

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Outdoor Fun: Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy This Summer

Children ages 8 to 18 spend on average 7.5 hours a day engaged in entertainment media, watching TV and playing video games, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Stop the unhealthy madness! Summer is the perfect time to help kids learn healthy habits and embrace an active lifestyle with these fun ideas: […]

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Fun Summer Party Ideas for Kids

Does your child have a birthday in the summer time? There are plenty of fun and innovated summer party ideas for kids that give them memories to last a lifetime. Being outdoors in the summer sunshine is the best way to celebrate a children’s party, so here are a few ideas you could try out […]

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10 DIY Swimming Pool Games You Can Make with your Kids

The temperature is quickly rising outdoors which means it will soon be time for some fun in the sun and cooling in the pool. But when mere splashing and swimming has lost its sparkle, introduce some of these games specifically designed with a swimming pool in mind. Minimal pool accessories required. Underwater Telephone: This game […]

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Outdoor Party Themes for Children

You’ve got another birthday around the corner, or maybe your little one just wants to play hostess.  Either way, it seems like every year the stakes are raised on childrens party themes.  Bigger crowds, larger venues, bounce houses rented and caterers hired.  But in the beautiful sun of spring, it’s hard not to want to […]

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Pool Party Plans: 5 Tips for a Safe, Fun Time

It’s hot outside, it’s the weekend and your kids’ friends are calling. If you have access to a pool, it’s time to throw a pool party. Here are five tips to help you organize a fun, safe get together for parents and kids alike. Think Theme In many ways, a pool party is already a […]

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Don't Have a Pool? Throw a Pool Party Anyway!

It’s swimming pool season, and you can still have a great pool party even if you don’t have a pool. Here are our two favorite pool party ideas: 1. For smaller kids, you don’t need a large pool anyway. Our own Amy Adele production manager, Whitney, just threw a pool party for daughter Clara who […]

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