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Creative Valentine Ideas for Kids

We are always impressed with our customers creative Valentine ideas for kids. Here are a few ideas using Amy’s Valentine flat cards. These are perfect for kids or adults!

It’s O”Fish”al – Package some fish crackers or gummy fish into clear bags and tape onto this card.


BEE-U-TEA-FUL – A perfect gift for a teacher, friend, or coworker! Enclose a tea bag with a sugar stick for a sweet treat.

Valentine Tea Bee

Meant to “BEE” – A thoughtful gift for kids to give to teachers! Any lip balm is good, we chose Burts Bees as a fun play on words! 🙂


Valentine bee chapstick

Quick & Easy Valentine's Day Cards

Here’s a quick way to knock out all of your Valentine’s with one sweet punch. Use Amy Adele calling cards and attach them to candy bars, lollipops or candy hearts.

You can tape them right to the candy bar, or punch a hole and tie them with ribbon. Either way, that’s one way to get right to your valentine’s heart. With so many calling cards to choose from, the possibilities are endless!


Be Mine, Valentine

Though it’s still early January, it’s not too early to begin planning for Valentine’s Day,  just a few weeks away. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day-themed finds from around the internet:

Valentines Tree of Love:

Love at First Bite Valentine Brownies:

Paper Heart Wreath:

Valentines Love Cupcakes:

Valentines Centerpieces:

Some of Amy’s Valentine’s Day Cards:

Brunette Valentine Girl Flat Note Card
Valentine Shark Flat Notecard
Fairy Kids Photo Valentine Cards
Valentine T-Rex Flat Note Card
Valentine Ice Skater Flat Notecard
Valentine Bee Photo Card