Friday Amy update: New Website

New Navigational tool and new images on
New Navigational tool and new images on

I am thrilled about our new site and I hope others feel the same way when they visit! is like our home in that we want it to look its best for all our friends! We always want our customers to have a pleasant and easy experience. We have added so many new items over the past few years, we wanted to simplify the hunt for our customers and make our product pictures as vibrant and fun on the screen as they really are in person. So, we dove in and came up with a plan as to how to make that all happen.

My husband and my staff have been working tirelessly on every detail for months and I can’t be more proud of all they have accomplished. I’ve been keeping my little people fed and busy in my mom-world this summer and have only seen little glimpses of the new site design when Joey would ask my opinion on various layouts or colors. There are so many details and complexities to such an undertaking that I don’t know how they got it all to fit together so seamlessly! It’s clean and simple… the way I like just about everything else in my life!

The photos are gorgeous (thanks Melissa!) and the product images are bigger so now everyone can see things so much better. There are some kinks we are still working on as with any big project, but I hope it will be easier for our customers. Not only does it look better but it functions easier. We created a whole new way to search for items with a new navigation tool on the left side of each page. With the holidays quickly approaching we hope our new site will be fresh and easy to use! Thanks everyone for your support!


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