My Perfect Valentine and A Gift- Printable Valentines! ❤️

Hello February! The stores are full of pink stuffed llamas, chocolate dinosaurs holding hearts, happy cactus tissue paper, and red speckled gift bags! I love walking through the isles enjoying all the various ways red, pink and hearts can be done. There is such creativity out there! 

This photo was taken a few years ago… but he’s still my little Valentine crush.❤️ I wonder if he’ll write me a note this year!😍

Even as a little girl, I loved Valentine’s Day. Every February 14th, my mother would decorate our dining room table with sweet little breakfast treats for my sister and I to wake up to. Then I’d walk to my elementary school with delight holding my carefully prepared Valentine cards for my classmates. I couldn’t WAIT for the last hour of the school day. My teacher would FINALLY let us eat Valentine cupcakes and pass out our Valentine’s Day cards. Yes, we were allowed to eat cupcakes. At school. In the classroom. It was the 80’s. 🙂 Then I’d run home wondering if the boy I had a crush on had written something particularly sweet on the Valentine he gave me. I’m pretty (ok… very) sure none of those boys ever wrote a note just to me, but I looked anyway! ❤️ It was one of my very favorite days of the year.

 Life as a child and life as an adult hasn’t always been hearts and roses, but I knew I was loved… deep down and unconditionally. I was loved with an imperfect love by my family. They loved me with all their hearts, but it was still imperfect, just as my love for others is imperfect now too. I was also loved with a perfect love from God. And it is this love that has shaped me and made me who I am today. Whether Valentine’s Day is something you look forward to, or (if you’re being honest) it’s quite hard for you, I pray that you may discover the Perfect Love offered to you by the one who came up with the idea and created love… God Himself. 

I have a FREE Valentine gift for you! Well, actually, it’s from me and God… we collaborated. 🙂 I placed some of my most favorite verses about love and paired it with some “lovely” artwork for you to print and enjoy this week! 

Click here to download Amy's Printable Valentine Verses

Click the link above to get a printable sheet of love-themed Bible verses. These verses that I chose, never grow old to me. No other God pursues people with love and forgiveness, like He does. He created, defined, and embodied what love is, despite our efforts to leave God out of it. So please print these cards out and use them as a reminder of how much you are loved this week! Place them around your house, stick them in your kid’s lunch boxes, tape one to your car’s dashboard, or even put them on your bathroom mirror. Just don’t forget – there is One who loves you perfectly, just as you are.

One of my beauties enjoying a heart shaped muffin with her latest crush, Mr. Avocado.💕 This boy is fine… he can stay. 🙂

I have continued the fun little Valentine breakfast tradition with my kids over the last 20 years because I loved it so much as a girl. Muffins, chocolate, and lots of hearts have always joined the party. It’s a little extra work every Feb. 14th morning and they dash out the door so quickly to get to school it seems, but it’s tradition and we all love it. Regardless of my silly traditions, I pray that they too will know how much they are loved by God and me. And if there’s a little kid from class that they’re hoping to receive a Valentine from…  well,  they better get in line behind us! 😉

Happy Valentine’s Week!

8 thoughts on “My Perfect Valentine and A Gift- Printable Valentines! ❤️

  1. Thank you, Amy! These are lovely. I also loved Valentine’s Day as a child. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world.

  2. Thank you for this gift, Amy! I’m going to take a bunch for my table at Bible study tomorrow, and I’ll tuck some into my kids’ lunchboxes this week as well! What a sweet idea!

    1. Thanks Vickie! Isn’t that the cutest thing? I couldn’t find anything cuter this year… more chocolate seemed to please her just fine though. 🙂

  3. Thank you….These valentines are beautiful and I can’t wait to share with my grandchildren. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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