NEW Just for You! – July 2, 2009

new items july2 NEW Just for You!   July 2, 2009

Now that baby Corban is doing so well (and sleeping more at night), Amy has been very busy! As we still work to add her designs to T-shirts and other items to match what’s currently online, she is creating NEW DESIGNS!

Some truly adorable new designs were added to our collection just this week. Two of these designs just waiting to be personalized include:

Fishing Boy Stationery
fishing boy1 NEW Just for You!   July 2, 2009

This stationery was created recently in response to a customer’s design suggestion in another blog post. This little Fishing Boy sits on the edge of a pier waiting for his first catch of the day (or for someone to personalize his folded note card). Keep summer memories alive with this sweet stationery!

Two Sisters Stationery
sisters NEW Just for You!   July 2, 2009

This design was mainly inspired by Amy’s two cuties, Emily and Grace, and a little bit by Amy and her sister in childhood days. I like to imagine that these adorable two sisters are taking a break from messing up the house playing to stop, hold hands, and smile at Mommy. icon smile NEW Just for You!   July 2, 2009

T-shirts, T-shirts, and more T-shirts!
train conductor NEW Just for You!   July 2, 2009

You would be hard pressed to NOT be able to find your favorite design on any of our T-shirts now! Over the past two weeks we have steadily added more and more of Amy’s designs on our Girls, Boys, and Baby T-shirts, over 200 new shirts in all. More selections & more possibilities!

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