New Pink Cards for Girls!

Perhaps it was all the pink I saw over the first half of this month or maybe it’s because I’m the mother of two fabulous girls… but I just added a bunch of pink designs to Amy Adele!

Speaking of my girls… the first design I can’t take credit for because it was my daughter who painted it for me! This watercolor of a pink peony has been hanging in my home for nearly 2 years. Emily painted it for me on Mother’s Day 2017. I remember it well… it was a beautiful day and we sat out on our patio painting and drawing together. She just painted this like it was no big deal! I posted a photo of it two weeks ago on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Brooke P., a customer of mine, commented that I should make it a notecard… so I did! I’m so excited to be able to share a gift of mine with you! Click here to see it up close.

Next up is a new spiral notebook design. I took my Yellow Twigs design and added some green and gray to the design. I love tweaking an existing design! I loved it so much I ordered one for myself! 🙂 I’m really impressed by the quality of these spirals that my production team offers. The front and back covers are durable but classy. The inside lined pages are thick and smooth, (unlike the low-quality drug store journals I’ve bought before). Take a look at this new Green and Yellow Twigs Spiral Notebook here. 

This Rose Fishtail folded stationery was created because the Aquamarine Fishtail Stationery has been such a hit and gets ordered all the time. I already had this in my archives and all I had to do was add it to the site. Nice! 

Pink and gold birthday parties (especially with lettered balloons) seem to be all the rage these days and I wanted to be sure my customers had an option if they needed it! These Pink & Gold Birthday flat thank you notes can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the age and needs of your little girl. Add your entire note if she’s a wee little thing (or if you want to make your life easier), create your own fill-in-the-blank text if she’s learning to write, or if she’s older and she’s ready to write her very own handwritten note, order these blank and let her do her thing!

To see all my NEW designs over the last few months, check them out here! (I promise, you’ll find some stationery that isn’t pink) 😉

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