Children’s Birthday Party Themes

Your child’s birthday is in a few months and you want to do something special. How about a themed birthday party? Talk to your child and see if he/she has any ideas—I’m sure they will! There are many ideas for children’s party themes and they can be designed to fit your child’s personality, number of […]

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How to Encourage Thankfulness In our Children

Our culture has quickly become a thankless culture.  We have so much, yet we have so little that we can find to be thankful for.  Perhaps this is due to a very limited world view. For the most part, American children have everything they need and a lot of what they want.  They give us […]

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Outdoor Fun: Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy This Summer

Children ages 8 to 18 spend on average 7.5 hours a day engaged in entertainment media, watching TV and playing video games, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Stop the unhealthy madness! Summer is the perfect time to help kids learn healthy habits and embrace an active lifestyle with these fun ideas: […]

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How to Help Children Write Thank You Notes – Model It!

The best way to teach anything to a child is to model it. In the poem, Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law Nolte c1972, Nolte describes perfectly the idea that we can facilitate correct attitudes in our children by  modeling behaviors that cause them to form positive thought processes and behaviors.  This applies when […]

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Summer Party Ideas For Kids-Making Manners Training Fun

Summer provides us with lots of time to fill with fun activities for our kids. One activity that kids particularly like is eating outside whether it be at a picnic or just having dinner on the back deck.  It also provides parents a check up on how well their kid’s table manners have developed…or not. […]

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Fun Summer Party Ideas for Kids

Does your child have a birthday in the summer time? There are plenty of fun and innovated summer party ideas for kids that give them memories to last a lifetime. Being outdoors in the summer sunshine is the best way to celebrate a children’s party, so here are a few ideas you could try out […]

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A Homemade Mailbox Promotes Letter Writing

Looking to give your child more experience writing letters and cards?  Create a letter writing area at home, complete with a homemade mailbox. With just a few simple supplies from around the house, you and your child can start mailing notes back and forth, creating a fun, learning activity. Material needed: empty shoe box, scissors, […]

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Fiesta de Cinco De Mayo!

When someone says  Cinco De Mayo, our thoughts turn to sunshine, music, and parties.  Mexican piñatas raining candy on eager hands is a hallmark of the Cinco De Mayo celebrations here in the United States. Each year, this celebration becomes more popular and is being adopted into our holiday calendars. Cinco De Mayo translates in English […]

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Gifts for Teachers

What kind of gifts work for teachers?  What is the most meaningful for them?  Personalization is the key for teacher gifts.  A teacher can only eat so many apples.  The first step in thinking of a gift for your child’s teacher is to talk to your child through out the year.  Anytime your child mentions something […]

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10 DIY Swimming Pool Games You Can Make with your Kids

The temperature is quickly rising outdoors which means it will soon be time for some fun in the sun and cooling in the pool. But when mere splashing and swimming has lost its sparkle, introduce some of these games specifically designed with a swimming pool in mind. Minimal pool accessories required. Underwater Telephone: This game […]

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