Hanukkah and Christmas: A Jewish Perspective on The Holiday Season

Many Americans assume that Hanukkah is the Jewish equivalent of Christmas. They put it on par with other major Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. Some just assume that Hanukkah is the most significant Jewish holiday, because it falls around Christmas time. But the menorah isn’t the Jewish equivalent of an […]

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Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Here are some tips for your trick or treating adventures tomorrow! The FDA posted an article on Halloween food safety for parents. They suggest what you probably already know…  make it clear with your kids that they should avoid snacking while trick-or-treating so you can inspect their goody bags (of course, it helps if they […]

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Get the Girls Together and Throw an Unforgettable Tea Party

If you’re in the mood to get all the ladies in your life together but you’re looking for a relaxing alternative to a traditional dinner party, switch it up by throwing a weekend tea party instead. Tea parties can be a great way to enjoy an Autumn afternoon and spend a few hours catching up […]

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Pool Party Plans: 5 Tips for a Safe, Fun Time

It’s hot outside, it’s the weekend and your kids’ friends are calling. If you have access to a pool, it’s time to throw a pool party. Here are five tips to help you organize a fun, safe get together for parents and kids alike. Think Theme In many ways, a pool party is already a […]

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Don't Have a Pool? Throw a Pool Party Anyway!

It’s swimming pool season, and you can still have a great pool party even if you don’t have a pool. Here are our two favorite pool party ideas: 1. For smaller kids, you don’t need a large pool anyway. Our own Amy Adele production manager, Whitney, just threw a pool party for daughter Clara who […]

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A Red, White, and Blue Summer Spectacular!

From Memorial Day, right through July 4th, and all all the way up to Labor Day, summer is one long blur of picnics, cookouts, fireworks, and American flags. Tis the season for all things red, white, and blue! Here are some of our favorite patriotic party ideas to make you the hit of every summer […]

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Ideas for Mother’s Day

Anyone can buy flowers and chocolates for Mother’s Day, but we all know that what Mom and Grandma love most are the thoughtful gift ideas that didn’t come off a store shelf. Here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas from around the internet: 1. Bookmarks These bookmarks can be downloaded, printed, painted […]

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Corban Update!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little Corban! Yep, he’s still extra little! Corban was born premature and has been my little man ever since. Most little ones his age who were born premature have caught up by now but we’re still working on it over here. For round numbers, he’s about the size and development […]

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Party Banners!

We are excited to add a new product line at Amy Adele!  In addition to stationery, invitations,  t-shirts, bibs, one-piece baby outfits, calling cards, gift tags and labels, we now offer large Party Banners! Amy’s cute party banners are a fabulous way to share the excitement with everyone! These banners are printed on recycled paper and […]

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Have a "My Favorite Things" Party

I first discovered “My Favorite Things” parties when one of our beloved customers wrote to us and asked for some Amy Adele cards because she was taking us to a party as her favorite thing. We, of course, LOVED it! I am attending a party next week called, “My Favorite Things.”  We are to bring […]

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