Happy Earth Day!


Since today is Earth Day I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce myself and post my praise about how GREEN Amy Adele strives to be. My name is Whitney and I am the Customer Care Manager at Amy Adele. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Earth Day is Everyday.” It certainly rings true here. Coming from a 5-year-stint at an environmental non-profit, being green runs through my veins. Upon coming on board here I was so totally (and pleasantly) surprised that a stationery company takes such great efforts at reducing waste. Here are a couple of ways that Amy Adele makes Earth Day everyday at our headquarters: Continue reading

Welcome the Newest Addition to AmyAdele.com!


Amy’s 3rd child (and first son) just arrived!

That ought to make you moms with boys out there happy! Please pray for Amy’s family as “Corban” was born two months early – and at 2 weeks old now, he’s just under 3 pounds! He’s a fighter though – he’ll have to be with two older sisters at home waiting to introduce him to the world of Webkinz®. We’ll keep you updated on him as we all find out, but it makes for some exciting times here around the office!

As you all know, we are an online stationery & invitation retailer. Thankfully we have many loyal friends out there who love Amy’s artwork and have been sharing their lives with friends and family with our personalized stationery for almost 4 years. Hopefully this blog will give you all a little insight into the world of Amy Adele like you’ve never seen it before. We’ll have pictures, new products (before you can see them ANYWHERE else!), coupons and “competitions.” (Like Whitney’s weekly dance grooves!) You should actually be on the lookout for the last few Easter Eggs right now with coupons in them! We still haven’t had any claimers to the $100 coupon…go ahead…you know you’re wanting to get up and go out to the mailbox and see if it’s in yours. It’s ok I’ll wait here….