Summer Parties — Lightning Bug Theme

Kids love chasing fireflies, so why not make it a party! Plus, it’s a great excuse for a backyard cookout (and s’mores – yum!)  Give each child a glow stick and a jar and see who can catch the most lightning bugs. Put up a tent in the backyard where the kids can all go at the end of the night to count their catch. Just be sure to humanely release them after a winner has been declared.

And here are Amy’s Firefly designs:

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  1. Cade December 3, 2015 at 7:12 pm #

    I love camping beucase it is something I have discovered after I had sons, after I have been in remission from Lymphoma for the 2nd time, my husband decided the boys should start camping. We live in the city so it so fun to go out and be rustic and the best part is at night sitting around telling them storie and making smore’sThe kids and I love making smores so much that in the winter I have a indoor camping night for them and their friend and the smores are the hit of the whole thing.Hey I know people agree its a good thing!

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