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Nine Wonderful Children’s Wintry Party Themes

The winter months are quickly approaching and a children’s birthday party that lands during those months is challenging to plan. But if you use some creativity, each season offers lots of potentially fun activities or themes which will make any party special. Yes, wintertime is just full of great children’s wintry party themes!

A Winter Carnival

Make up games that children would play at a fair or carnival but use a winter theme. You could set up stations for different games. For instance, establish a booth with tin cans lined up on the edge of a table and have the children try to knock them down by propelling a snowball at the cans. You could let the children have sledding races or create stations for snowball bowling. Hand out prizes to the winners that are fitting of a carnival like a stuffed animal and, since it’s a carnival, make sure to serve fun carnival food like pretzels, cotton candy, popcorn and hot chocolate.

A Snowman Competition

This could end up being one of the best activities! Split the kids into even teams and place the teams at different locations in your yard. This might be a good activity for the front yard—providing you have the space—and you can get a jump on decorating for Christmas at the same time! Old accessories and clothing should be collected ahead of time to supply the kids with something to clothe their snowman. After all, there’s nothing worse than a naked snowman! Also, don’t forget about supplying them with carrots, raisins or berries and sticks for noses, eyes, mouths and arms—what’s a snowman without a face? You and other parents should stand by as judges and, when everyone is finished with their snowman, pick the best one and present the winning team with some kind of an award. Snowballs, a snowman pizza and a snowman ice cream cake make tasty treats to serve inside to hungry children after all the excitement.

Snow Castle Party

Who says you need sand and sunshine to make a castle? That white stuff in your back—or front—yard can turn out to be an asset. Throw a snow castle constructing party! At this party, kids should come all bundled up and ready to spend lots of time outside using plastic toy shovels, beach pails and different kinds of carving tools to make a castle out of snow. You can have the children work together to make one big castle or make it into a competition between two teams—either way, the kids are sure to have a blast! When the fun outdoors is finished, bring the kids indoors to warm up with some delicious chili or soup and hot chocolate; but don’t forget those marshmallows! Snow white frosting and flaked coconut will make a great wintery topping for just about any dessert.

Winter Olympics

Arrange competitions and games for kids to enjoy that are built on ideas from the winter Olympic events. Put together events of snowshoe racing, snowball throwing contests and snow mound jumping, just to name a few. Be sure to have a different award for first, second and third place winners for each event. Decorations should be set to the theme of the winter Olympics—draw the Olympic rings in the snow in your back yard and use food coloring to show off the Olympic ring colors. You can also hang up paper torches inside your house and the birthday cake should be red, white and blue.

Winter Pool Party

Why should a few inches of snow stop the children from enjoying one of summer’s best activities? Indoor pools render the chance for kids to swim, splash and celebrate in a regulated climate while the weather outdoors may be frigid. You may be able to rent a pool in a community center, hotel or fitness center and decorations can be left to the imagination. You could just have tropical-colored decorations to symbolize summer. But wouldn’t it be fun to have the best of both seasons? Purchase inflatable palm trees and decorate them with paper snowflakes. How about snowflake-printed towels lain over lawn chairs? The cake could be a large swimming pool with polar bear figurines on top.

Ice Skating

Bring the children to a safe skating lake or pond for the party or rent an ice rink for a few hours. If you choose to rent an ice rink, you’ll need to rent one four to six weeks in advance; be sure to ask about package deals and if you can bring in food from home. You’ll want to have parents nearby that are good skaters so that they can help the kids that don’t know how to ice skate. Play some fun, upbeat music and let the children free-skate. Integrate a few games such as a skating version of red light/green light. The birthday child stands in front of the rest of the children but a little bit of distance away with his or her back toward them. When the child says, “green light” the rest of the kids will start to skate ahead; when the child says, “red light” and turns around, all the children have to be stopped. If the birthday child catches anyone moving forward then that person has to go back to the starting line. The first child to tag the birthday child wins the game and then takes their turn in that spot. For decorations you could hang up icicles, paper ice skates and snowflakes around the rink. If you got a package deal, hot dogs or pizza usually is included. The cake could be in the form of an icy pond with figure skaters adorning the top or in the shape of an ice skate.

Snowflake Ball

Although snow may get old for adults as the season wears on, for children the magic never fades. For this type of party, rent a banquet hall and decorate it with icicle lights and snowflakes dangling over their heads while they’re on the dance floor. Use synthetic snow and sparkles to create a wintery invitation in the entryway. For the table, purchase shimmering white and blue place settings on a snowflake tablecloth. An artificial snow making machine and ice sculptures would be an enhancement to the magical feel of the party. You can’t forget the entertainment! Make sure to have some party games that are suitable for the snowflake party such as Snowflake Trivia. Get several adults to write winter or Christmas trivia questions on paper cut-out snowflakes—one question per snowflake. Then each child pulls a snowflake out of a bowl and tries to answer the question; the child who answers the most questions wins. Or you could hire someone to give basic ballroom dance lessons. For the menu, snowflake cookies, white hot chocolate, a tray of veggie and cheese pieces that are cut into snowflakes and a snowflake cake would be a hit.

Snow Sculpting

Snow sculpting is a lot of fun and what child wouldn’t love to do this? Hand out to each child a portion of snow to use. Make up ahead of time a box full of “props” that the kids can pick from to adorn their sculpture with. Items could include: masks, boas, beads, sunglasses, flowers, leaves and rocks. Pick a time limit—say, an hour—and let the children develop their best sculpture during that time frame. Take a vote to confirm a winner in several different categories like “best executed”, “most creative” and “best over-all”. For the cake, you could have one specially made that looks like an ice sculpture!

Penguin Party

Just about all children love animals and who doesn’t love penguins? They’re so cute and would make a great party theme! Decorating can be very simple: white and black streamers and balloons hung on the walls and ceiling of the party room and you could buy a penguin-printed tablecloth with black place settings and white napkins. If you want an extra touch, place some plush penguins of different sizes around the room. Entertaining the kids will be just as easy as decorating. You can show them a movie like “Happy Feet” or “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”, give them a penguin craft to make and play some standard games in which the children will have to imitate the penguin like penguin waddle relay races. The kids will absolutely love your penguin cupcakes cake!

Whether you’re trying to get rid of those winter blues or planning a birthday party, one of these winter party themes are sure to be a hit. You’ll want to check out our great website for everything you’ll need for your party!

5 Tips To Give A Birthday Experience Instead Of A Traditional Party

We’ve all seen it…the pile of gifts at a traditional children’s birthday party.  It is exciting at the time, but ask them in six months what they received and most won’t remember.  However, take them to that event they have always wanted to go to and they will surely remember it.  In a world where “stuff” seems to overwhelm our lives, consider giving the gift of an experience this year instead of a traditional party.  Make a memory with your child they won’t soon forget.

  1. Setting a budget…just like a birthday party, birthday experiences can be provided at any budgetary level.  Make sure you consider not only the cost of the tickets (for sporting events, concerts or theme parks for example), but also food and any other souvenirs you are willing to purchase.
  2. Choosing the experience…every child is different, professional sports events might top the list of some, while others may want to visit a theme park or new museum they haven’t been to yet.  Others may simply want an over-night stay at a hotel with a pool or to see the professional ballet or symphony.  A ride in a helicopter or a limousine might be what other kids have always wanted to do.  Decide whether you will offer choices to your child or select it for them.
  3. Inviting friends…depending on the experience and your budget, you may be able to invite a few friends to go with your child on their experience.  Having someone to share an experience with can not only increase enjoyment but also help create even more special memories for your child.
  4. Giving other gifts…just because you are giving an experience doesn’t mean a traditional gift is not possible.  Consider giving a gift that coordinates with the experience or maybe something to help time pass on the trip if there is a long car ride to the experience.  A new baseball glove if you are going to a baseball game, new tennis shoes if the event requires a lot of walking, maybe let them chose a souvenir from the gift shop or a camera to take pictures during the experience.
  5. Making it special…Birthdays are all about having a special day for your child.  Send invitations if inviting others for the experience.  Make a paper announcement or special certificate to detail the experience for your child.  Consider ordering a special dessert or maybe bringing a cake to the experience.  Give a t-shirt or hat as a party favor if it fits into your budget.

Memories last a lifetime.  Give your child an experience they won’t forget this year.

Follow-up on Corban’s 5th Birthday!

Corban started the day off by celebrating with his preschool classmates. He brought these birthday cookies to share! They were made by one of our very own Amy Adele staff. Sometimes we just don’t know how we contain so much talent in one building. 😉

(We apologize for the sideways “A”, the box may or may not have been shaken a bit, and by the time we noticed the cookies were long gone!)

photo (4)

After he came home from school Corban picked out the movie Turbo to watch because it was a little rainy outside. Then the whole family went out for burgers. (Amy normally prepares food for them at home, so this was a real treat!) Here is Corban in his birthday shirt on the way to dinner.

photo (5)

When they got back home Corban opened some gifts from family. He got a spider man mask, some books, and a remote control car. Then they unveiled the biggest present of all…his new bike!

photo (6)

Corban has been riding a balance bike (one without pedals) for some time now, so this big boy bike with pedals and brakes is a big step. They pulled the cars out of the garage so that he could ride his new bike in spite of the rainy weather. He was able to master pedaling forward by the next day! Braking is still in the works, but is getting a little better each time.

There was also chocolate cake. (Which Corban was much less excited about once his bike was revealed!)

photo (3)

Thanks for stopping by, and keep your eyes peeled! In the very near future we will be doing a series of artist spotlight blogs. The series will give you an inside look at Amy Adele’s various artists, and I think it is something you won’t want to miss! 🙂

Today is Corban’s 5th Birthday!

Today, our little man turns 5! Let’s take a look at Corban’s Journey!

Corban’s arrival 2 months early was a very scary moment for the whole Amy Adele family. He weighed only 2 lbs 3 oz but Corban quickly showed the world that he would be a fighter!


At 2 weeks old Corban weighed just under 3 lbs. To give you some prospective, a bag of coffee beans weighs about 3 lbs! Corban came home on April 30th 2009 at one month and 2 days old. Amy was a little nervous bringing home such a little guy, but the whole family was ecstatic to have their little miracle home and thankful that the first big hurdle for Corban was over.


Over the next year Corban grew and functioned like any other newborn. He even got a little chubby! (See picture below for chunky cheeked baby awesomeness!)


Corban tackled other hurdles with ease! Going to physical therapy and wearing his helmet didn’t keep him from big smiles and giggles! This picture was taken on his first birthday!


At 20 months Corban took his first steps on November 9th 2010. Amy has been in chase mode ever since!


Corban tackled walking and continued to grow and change, slowly but surely.

Let’s fast forward a bit….

Here is Corban at 3 years old. He is smaller than other 3 year old’s, and developmentally is currently somewhere between 1 1/2 and 2 years old.  As all preschoolers do, he gave Amy and her husband plenty of practice at patience!


Now, let’s jump forward to today! (Because I am too excited and can’t wait anymore!)

Today is Corban’s 5th birthday! That’s a BIG milestone for a little man! He loves all things wheel related! Motorcycles are his favorite!

2013-11-23 12.36.51

Corban is still small for his age, and continues to face some obstacles developmentally. He is in currently in K4 but is not quite ready for kindergarten next year. He will be in K4 again next year to make sure he’s extra ready! 🙂 The Amy Adele family has learned a lot from Corban! He is teaching us to just take our time with him and that keeps us on our toes! Thanks, from our family to yours, for celebrating Corban’s big day with us!

Childrens Party Ideas-The Retro Party

In years past,

children parties were very low tech, there were lots of games with Dollar Store Prizes, and they lasted only a few hours usually only involving ice cream and cake.  If you served a lunch of hot dogs or sloppy joes, that was extravagant. Today, parents feel compelled to hold parties at a venue other than their homes although the average home is much larger than it was even 30 years ago.  There is almost always a meal involved unless it’s an all-night event which involves several meals.  Guests still bring a gift, but the host is now expected to send home so much more than just a party favor and some additional game prizes.Today,goodie bags filled with candy and toys, or complicated craft projects are expected.  Thankfully the expectations do not reach the level of those who attend the Academy Awards but they are another added expense that can be further complicated by diet restrictions and the diversity of our culture!When considering children’s party ideas, most parents are looking at and feeling the pressure of the expense of time and finances. Perhaps taking a step back from the madness would be in order.  Whether it’s for a birthday or to alleviate summer boredom, have a retro party.

A retro party

involve much more than savings on food and prizes.  They are a way to pass along a bit of family history and heritage.  Children love to hear stories of “days gone by” from their parents and grandparents.  In most households, they are the most requested stories.  Why not take it to the next level and instead of just telling them about your parties from yesteryear, let them experience what was “rad, sweet, and wicked” when you were their age.   There are so many occasions you could do this with-national holidays, birthdays, Christmas parties, winter parties, summer boredom parties, or even as a school project.

Although at first, the idea might seem “hokey” to some kids, the fact remains that kids are kids and when given the opportunity can make their brand of “fun” in almost any situation.  So, while they are experiencing the fun of re-living the past with you, they are also creating and tweaking new fun experiences in their own generation that might also be included in a retro party for their own children in the future.

Honestly, fun does not have to be complicated or tech savvy.  It does not have to include next week’s grocery budget either.  Returning to the simplicity of times gone by might be just the ticket and a good way to make a memory your kids will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Birthday Parties — Jungle Animals

Children are fascinated by animals, from the largest elephant to the tiniest ladybug. Ask most any four-year-old to roar like a lion and see if you don’t get an earful. And jungle animals are a great theme for young birthday parties!

Let the kids become the animal they love most — whether it’s the striped zebra, the lanky giraffe or the playful monkey. Hire a face painter to do each child’s face when they arrive to put them into their favorite character. Then can carry the theme further with decorative headbands made from construction paper and markers — a great craft project to do early on while you’ve still got everyone’s attention.

Safari activities include “Going On a Lion Hunt“, “Monkey, May I?” (an adaptation of Mother, May I?), Jungle Charades (kids act out an animal) and Feed the Elephant bean bag toss (kids toss bean bags at a target designed to look like an elephant’s open mouth).

ZiggityZoom.com has fun jungle animal sandwiches:

Betty Crocker has the perfect jungle themed cupcakes, and here’s the video showing exactly how to make them.

And you’re going to need invitations and thank you notes:

Birthday Parties — Ballerinas

Gather lots of pink and tulle for a Ballerina-themed birthday party!

Here are a few tips for the perfect birthday bash for the budding ballerina.

Check out this blog posting by Kim at Three Peanuts for the amazing ballerina party she threw for her daughter, Kate.  Lots of photos and great ideas!

If the guests can arrive in their own tutu’s, great. If not, make simple ones with tulle and pink ribbon they can put on over their regular party clothes.

Party activities can include having a real dance teacher come in and give the guests a private lesson, playing “Ballerina Says,” decorating their own tiaras with glue and rhinestones, letting each child lead the others in a dance where everyone copies what the leader is doing, and Freeze Ballet (dance until the music stops and then freeze in whatever pose you’re in).

And don’t forget the cake (and cupcakes).

Ballerina Cake from A Cake to Remember
Cupcake Tower from Pink Cake Box

Our Amy Adele Ballerinas:

Ballerina Party Invitations
Ballerina Invitations
Ballet Slipper Notecards
Ballerina Party T-shirt
Ballerina Waterproof Label

Birthday Parties — Under the Sea

As the summer heats up and our thoughts turn to the beach, what better time for an “Under the Sea” theme party?  Fish, sharks, mermaids, turtles, shells, octopuses, crabs, bubbles and pirates are all welcomed to this nautical party!

If you’re having an indoor party, consider tacking inexpensive blue fabric to the ceiling to make guests feel like they are literally “under the sea.” Hang green streamers from the ceiling for seaweed. Cut out starfish and sea horse shapes and hang them from some of the streamers. For older kids, you can also cover the floor in green and blue balloons to add more to the water effect.

Use disposable blue and green plastic tablecloths to cover the tables, and drape fishnet on top. Add seashells, plastic fish and even some chocolate gold coins for added tabletop decorations — maybe even some goldfish crackers and gummy fish.

Here are a couple of cake ideas:

Crab Birthday Cake from Real Simple

we REALLY love these simple shark cupcakes, using gray fondant for the fins.

Shark Fin Cupcakes

And here are some of Amy’s sea creature designs:

Ocean Friends Invitations
Ocean Friends Thank You Note
Fish T-shirt
Mermaid Invitations
Mermaid Thank You Notes
Mermaid Calling Cards
Shark Invitations
Crab Invitations

Birthday Parties — Karaoke Party

Who hasn’t watched “American Idol” without daydreaming about grabbing the mike and singing her heart out for all America? A karaoke party may be just the thing for your rising young rock star!

First, you’ll need a karaoke machine. They are pretty easy to rent for parties, and you may even have karaoke rooms for rent in your city. Or buy one and let that be part of the birthday present (check Craigslist and eBay for the best deals). Your kids’ game system may also have an “American Idol” karaoke game available.

Depending on the age of your rising star, there are lots of fun things to rock the party. Start with a red carpet at the entrance and provide each guest with special “backstage passes” to the party room. You’ll want a small stage area of some sort. A mirror ball and a spotlight add lots of rock star ambiance.

Set up a rock star dressing room, complete with feather boas, crazy hats, wigs, sunglasses, etc, so the guests can dress to the nines before taking the stage. Glow stick necklaces and bracelets add color and fun.

If your guests are old enough, you can have real judges and give prizes to the top contestants.

Microphone cupcakes:

Microphone Cupcakes from Dolcissima Cupcakes
Microphone Cupcakes from M&M's

Amy’s Rock Star designs:

Rock Star Invitations
Rock Star Notecards
Rock Star T-Shirt
Rock Star Thank You Notes
Blue Music Staff Notecards

Summer Parties — Ladybug Theme

Everyone loves ladybugs, and ladybugs make a great theme for a toddler’s birthday party. Tape black paper circles to a red table cloth for instant ladybug decorations, and of course, red and black streamers and balloons will also fit the theme perfectly.

Serve ladybug cupcakes — frost the cupcakes with red icing, add brown mini-M&M’s or chocolate chips for spots, use a mini-Oreo for the face, and cut strips of black licorice for the antennae.

Click here for Amy’s Ladybug Shirt:

And here are Amy’s Ladybug party invitations:

Ladybug Invitations

And here for Ladybug photo cards:

Ladybug Photo Cards