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The Girls of Amy Adele

If you follow our blog you know a lot about Amy’s son Corban. He unintentionally became the spotlight of conversation due to his early arrival and miraculous growth, but we think it is time to share a little more about his older sisters! Here’s what you need to know about the girls of Amy Adele.

Family Picnic

Emily is Amy’s oldest daughter and Corban’s best friend.

Emily and Corban at the grocery store


She is 15 and learning to drive, which is a big step, not only for her but for Amy and Joe as well. Emily is very active. She loves ice skating and even teaches skating lessons! Emily also runs cross country competitively. School comes easy for her. She also helps Amy teach a 3rd grade class at their church. In her spare time she doodles and draws just like Amy! With all of her activities and teaching you would probably imagine her as the outspoken and extroverted one of the family. It’s surprising to know that she is actually the most quiet and reserved.

Emily in the hammock

So, who is the extrovert? That would be Grace.

Gracie making pancakes

Grace turns 11 on June 5th, and she is “silly, silly, silly” according to Amy. School comes easy for her as well. Grace is the creative spirit in the house, she is always drawing, playing piano, and even writing her own songs. Her second love to being a musical genius? Her collection of her beloved stuffed animals of course. She has no filter; if she thinks it she says it! She is outspoken, friendly, and giggly. Grace is always happy!

Gracie going out of town

Emily and Grace are best buds and they love each other a ton! They love to hang out in Emily’s hammock that she hangs up in the back yard and Amy will often find them chatting away up in their rooms. They also give Amy great advice when she is designing a new card! Their constant creativity and contrasting personalities fill the Wike home with life and love!

Winter Activities for Kids That Go Beyond the Norm

As a parent I think we can agree we are all looking for Winter Activities for Kids that will engage our children while providing something fun for the whole family and maybe even a little educational for the kids.  I can almost guarantee there are a million and one posts about sledding , ice skating or roasting marshmallows over a fire.  Those things are fun and to be honest should be a part of every child’s life; not just once, but on a regular basis.

I would suggest finding things to do that go beyond the normal scope of everyday winter activities for the kids.  One of the things that will help determine what to do with your kids on any given fall day is the weather.  Winter brings uncertainty when it comes to the weather.  You can have a beautiful, sunny day followed by a snowy day.  Or if you life in the south weather might not be an issue.  Here are a few ideas of things to do on different sorts of day.

Indoor Winter Activities:

On a day when the weather doesn’t agree with outdoor activities look for a museum to visit.  It doesn’t really matter where you live it is almost guaranteed there will be a museum in the vicinity.  The trick is finding the one that will provide entertainment for the kids.  Most large cities, and even a fair share of smaller cities, have a children’s museum or a something of the sort that is geared towards children.

Outdoor Winter Activities:

If the winter weather is agreeable it can prove a great time to visit a historical site.  Places like Plymouth Plantation or Jamestown can provide a wonderful interactive experience for the kids.  Look for a fort to visit if the weather is nice.  I was surprised to find an incredible number of forts throughout the US that are open to the public on a daily basis.  Ranging from Colonial forts to World War II forts, there is a wonderful array of exciting places to visit.  The best part of visiting historical sites like these is that they allow the whole family to engage history on a person, interactive level.  I remember as a young kid the thrill of being able to run around old forts; climbing the battlements and pretending I was a Colonial defender. The memories have helped foster a love of history that follows me to this day.

My last suggestion would be to take in a sports game.  There are some great sports taking place in the fall and winter; soccer, football, hockey, and later in the season some basketball and volleyball.  If you feel inclined you can fairly easily find a team in any of the major sports.  If you are like me, however, more affordable is better.  In this category fits you I would suggest finding a local college team to follow.  Tickets will tend to be free or very inexpensive and will allow your children to watch a competitive sporting even.  If you want to find something in the middle there are many more semi-pro teams for every sport that will have tickets for under $20.

These are just a few of the things that are available for families to do in the winter.  One of the best things in my opinion is to find something new to broaden the horizons of your children.  The best thing to do is have fun with your kids and enjoy their enthusiasm.  Cherish every moment you have with them.

Ice Skating: Great Winter Activity

Girls Ice Skating

We always love to hear from our customers! Last week we got this nice email:

Hi Amy,

I’ve been meaning to write to you to tell you that the invitations for my daughter Stella’s ice skating birthday party were beautiful and everyone loved them!! I also wanted to share the attached photo with you of her birthday cake. We loved the invitations that you made so very much that we asked our local bakery to base her cake on them!

Thank you again for making Stella’s birthday party a success! I’m going to look on your site for thank you cards next!!

If you, too, would like to have a cake at your party based on Amy’s designs, e-mail us to see how to proceed! Here’s the picture of Stella’s birthday cake, based on Amy’s Girls Ice Skating design:

And here are Amy’s Girls Ice Skating cards:

Girls Ice Skating Invitations
Girls Ice Skating Folded Notecard
Girls Ice Skating Flat Notecard
Girls Ice Skating T-shirt