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Teaching Gratitude on Memorial Day

Memorial Day GratitudeIf you want to celebrate Memorial Day with more than a barbecue, you should be sure to thank a vet or service member for their hard work and support.  You can teach this Memorial Day gratitude to your children in a number of ways.

Read a Book

There are many books out there that explain what Memorial Day is and why we celebrate it.  One such book is Memorial Day Surprise, which takes young kids through a celebration of Memorial Day through a parade where the main character gets a surprise.  Another is Let’s Get Ready for Memorial Day in which a girl learns about Memorial Day in school, then goes to a war memorial.

For older kids, there are several good books including the classics The Red Badge of Courage, Catch-22 and A Farewell to Arms.  More modern books include Thank You For Your Service by David Finkel and Fobbit by David Abrams.  These books can go a long way to bringing home the reality of what our service people go through.

Send a Service Person a Thank You

You can download a printout to color and mail to a service member with the address provided, or you can send a thank you card to a relative or friend’s relative who served in the military.  You can even find pink or green camo Thank You cards!

Memorial Day is one of the best holidays for teaching your children about thankfulness and being grateful. It can help connect them to the older generations of their family as well.  We are always looking to share ideas on how to teach your children gratitude! Please contact us if you have any you would like to share.

A Red, White, and Blue Summer Spectacular!

From Memorial Day, right through July 4th, and all all the way up to Labor Day, summer is one long blur of picnics, cookouts, fireworks, and American flags. Tis the season for all things red, white, and blue!

Here are some of our favorite patriotic party ideas to make you the hit of every summer gathering!

Hot Dog!

…with home-made potato chips! (Click the link for the recipe)


Easy Table Decorations:

Crepe streamers are simple, cheap and very effective.

Click the link for visuals in addition to a few other housekeeping ideas


Red, white and frosted

How gorgeous is this cake?!

4th of July Flag Cake

Hello Jello!

The perfect summer dessert — you can even slip in a little fruit for the kids.

Festive 4th of July Treats

Firecracker bundt cake:

An explosion of patriotic goodness!

Firecracker Bundt Cake – An Explosive Red, White and Blue Dessert

Patriotic drink for kids:

This thirst quencher contains cranberry juice (or fruit punch), Sprite, and blue Gatorade.


Amy’s summer-themed designs:

Picnic with Grill Invitations
American Stars Folded Notecard
Fireworks Party Invitations
Patriotic House Invitations
Picnic Party Invitations