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Party Banners!

We are excited to add a new product line at Amy Adele!  In addition to stationery, invitationst-shirts, bibs, one-piece baby outfits, calling cards, gift tags and labels, we now offer large Party Banners! Amy’s cute party banners are a fabulous way to share the excitement with everyone! These banners are printed on recycled paper and measure 12″ x 40″ long. Best of all, they match many of Amy’s invitation designs!

Fun idea:  Have the guests at your party sign the banner and take it home and hang it in his or her room as a memento of the event! How awesome to look up and see the all the signatures of his/her family and friends while remembering such a fun day.

Don’t forget! Graduation season is coming up–hang a graduation banner to conGRADulate the class of 2012!

Amy's Tulips Party Banner
Princess Crown Party Banner
Green Tractor Party Banner
Brunette Boy Graduate Party Banner
Baby Boys Stroller Party Banner
Fairy Party Banner