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Fall Decoration: Bringing Nature Indoors

From the fiery kaleidoscope of the leaves to the plumpness of pumpkins and ruby red of apples, fall’s natural beauty pervades the whole outdoors. Why not invite it indoors with you? There are many ways to include nature in your autumn decorations. Here are a few fall decoration ideas that are fun to make and will bring a warm feeling to the chill fall evenings.

Fall Decoration:

  • Corn husk candles. Wrap a large candle in corn husks and tie with strips of husk or colorful ribbon. Enjoy the glow of the fall harvest in your living room.
  • Hanging gourd vase. Dry a swan gourd and cut a large hole in the upper portion of the bulb. Use as a vase for dried or freshly cut flowers, or even as a planter for live ones.
  • Foliage arrangement. Use dry, colored leaves, fall flowers and the fluff of seeding plants to create a beautiful bouquet. Place anywhere–on the table, in the bathroom, or on the bookshelf are good options.
  • Pumpkins. Beautiful on their own, pumpkins can also be carved with beautiful patterns. To make longer lasting decorations, don’t cut the whole way through–just etch a design on the surface.
  • Pomanders. Oranges can studded with cloves to make beautiful decorative designs. They smell amazing and can be eaten or made into juice afterwords.
  • Crafty leaves. Glue leaves to craft paper and attach colorful string or fishing line to make a mobile. You can also use the cards to decorate window sills, or use double sided tape to decorate the walls.
  • Harvest corn basket. Peel back he dried husks of colorful corn and arrange into a colorful basket. Mix with other fall bounty to add color and diversity.
  • Wreath. a gorgeous addition to an entry way or door, a wreath is surprisingly easy to make. Use all sorts of natural fall materials to create the perfect one for you.

Making these crafts is especially fun to do with the family. Try involving the kids–go on a nature hike and pick out the most beautiful of nature’s creations to use in your art, and each create your own decorations. Happy crafting!


Family Halloween Party Ideas

When you’re throwing a family-friendly Halloween party, you don’t want to give your guests the creeps! If you’re the host of this year’s block party or plan to invite over a few friends, you need some smashing  family Halloween party ideas. Steer clear of those bloody, body parts — look at these ideas for inspiration.

Family Halloween Invitations:

Before you can have a great family Halloween party, you have to invite them! Amy Adele has great family Halloween designs for invitations, thank you notes and any other of your party stationary needs. On this invitation, include the usual facts: date, time, and place. Consider adding a little more detail such as if they should dress up, bring food, or any activities that are going to happen as this family Halloween party. Inform your guests just enough so they get a taste of how great your party is going to be!

Pumpkin decorations:

Decorate your party area with smiling pumpkins instead of leering jack-o-lanterns. Stick on googly eyes and permanent markers are all you need for these laughable decorations. Get creative and decorate your pumpkins to look like various family members. Place a baseball cap on a small pumpkin for a ball player inspired decoration. Make a girl pumpkin by attaching a pink bow to the pumpkin stem. Use markers or watercolors to create a smiling face. You could ask guests to bring their own decorated pumpkin. Award prizes for the most creative!

Halloween activities:

A costume contest is an easy idea that brings tons of excitement to this fall party. Kick this contest up a notch by having a theme like “favorite arcades” or “classic snack foods.” Buy quirky prizes to give to the winners. Of course there will be candy favors for everyone who participates.

Hide some booty:

One of the hallmarks of Halloween is trick or treating! Give your guests an alternative to door to door solicitation. A clever scavenger hunt keeps the whole family entertained. Once they solve the clues to the treasure, they can find and share a box of chocolate coins or various candies.

When planning a family Halloween party, remember to keep it simple and “unscary” so that everyone will have a time to remember.

Family Halloween Party Invitation
Perfect invitation for a family Halloween party!

Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make With Your Child

Halloween with your child can be one of the most fun times of the year. From pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating, the holiday is full of enjoyable opportunities for a great time with the kids. Going to the local department store and picking out a costume is fine, but you miss out on an exciting activity with your child. Plus, have you ever looked at a Halloween costume thinking that you could have made something better for a tenth of the price? Making your child’s Halloween costume together is an opportunity for your children to learn valuable skills, have fun with their mom or dad, and will give them a sense of pride when they wear it on the big day. Here are some easy Halloween costume ideas that are fun and simple to make.

Halloween Costumes:

  • mummy Halloween costume takes little more than some light colored, tight fitting clothes (try PJs), and a few rolls of gauze. Use glue to make a permanent costume, or wrap it on the day of. Be ready for giggles as you begin to wrap!
  • bat costume can be made by detaching the head of an umbrella and cutting it in half (be sure there are no sharp edges), making wings (black cloth can also be used). Sew these to the back of a plain black sweatshirt, and cut ears out of black felt. Make a mask by cutting a piece of construction paper and gluing it to sunglasses.
  • An artist costume is easy to make. Cut a paint pallet out of cardboard and paint splotches of different colors onto it. A brush to hold and a bandana to wear are the only other essentials, but it might be fun to think creatively about which clothes would represent an artistic personality. A great follow up activity is painting!
  • A flower costume can be made using an all green outfit topped with felt petals. With some safety scissors and a chalk line (depending on his or her age), your child can cut he petals his/herself.Face paint is optional.
  • A simple knight costume can be created with a base of grey sweatpants and a grey hooded sweatshirt. An art smock or vest (worn backwards) can be adorned with a painted or sewn emblem, designed by your child. Tuck the pants into high boots (snow boots should work fine) and there’s just one more step. A sword can be made from wood or cardboard, using a saw or scissors to cut a blunt tip and attaching a small piece of the material at the base as the hilt, or cross-guard. Use silver spray paint to give it a realistic sheen. A shield can be cut out of cardboard and decorated by your child (use string to make a handle to slide the arm through).
  • Make a Lego Halloween costume using by painting a cardboard box and cutting a home for your child’s head. Glue colored plastic bowls to the front to make it complete, and make sure the sweatpants and sweatshirt matches the color of the box.

This list is just a start. Think creatively with you child and you are sure to come up with the perfect Halloween costume ideas to fit you both. Enjoy your crafting and happy Halloween!

Black Spider Halloween Costume Invitation
This spooky black spider is the perfect way to invite all of your friends over in their Halloween costume!

Fall is Here, So Here We Go

When we as parents wonder how to encourage thankfulness in our children one of the easiest ways is simply to be involved with their lives and demonstrate our thankfulness for their joy.  Now that fall is here and the leaves are starting to change there are a multitude of activities for families to jump into that will bring everyone together.  Some of these activities are for the outdoors and for the days when the weather just doesn’t want to agree there are few indoor activities to go along with it.

Fall Is Here

A couple of my favorite family fall activities are outdoors.  Hiking and apple picking.  For some reason people seem to forget that most areas of the country are lined with back woods trails.  Just Google hiking trails in your area and you should be pleasantly surprised at the variety you have to choose from.  Fall is the perfect time for a hike; cool weather and turning leaves make for a most enjoyable family time.  Just make sure you choose an appropriate trail for your family or you might end up carrying the little ones most of the way.

Apple Picking

You know fall is here when it’s time to go apple picking.  While this may not be available everywhere, there are many areas of the country that do have apple trees.  Get the family together and go grab some apples.  This is similar to a hike in that the fall is the best time to go.  Otherwise your selection of apples is basically limited to looking at the trees.  Pick one of those weekend days when the weather is perfect and make sure you pick up some cider on your way out.  Not much can top fresh apple cider; warm or cold.


The next step would be for one of those drizzly fall days.  Take some of those apple you guys picked and turn them into a delicious apple pie or two.  This can be fun to do while Mom is out for a little while so you can surprise her when she gets home.  My only piece of sage wisdom on this matter is make sure you have some good vanilla ice cream to go along with the pie. That smell of apple pie will tell the whole house “fall is here”!


A couple more creative ideas for fall revolve around Halloween.  I know kids want to go buy the costume for their favorite cartoon character or dress up like a fairy princess, but homemade costumes can be much more creative and tons more fun.  Looking around I’ve found ideas for dressing your kids up like shadows, smartphones, and even sushi rolls.  Searching for costumes is a sure sign that fall is here. The options are endless and even if you’re like me and not the most creative person in the world there are tons of ideas online.

Carving Pumpkins

On this note pumpkin carving has always been a family tradition.  We generally let the kids each draw a face and carve it out together.  Last year we bought some .99 cent stencils at the dollar store and used them to create some pretty impressive pumpkins.  This year I think we are going to try out the pumpkin drilling technique. Fall is great.  The weather can be amazing for outdoor fall activities and force the family to try out some indoor activities all in the same week. Fall is here,  use the time to try out some new things that bring the family together and realize the little things that we all have to be thankful for. Fall