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How to make New Years Eve Rock for the kids

New Years Eve is well known for the champagne, staying up late, kissing, and glamorous outfits. But what about those who are a bit younger? They definitely want to be able to ring in the new year with just as much fun and pizazz as their parents and older siblings! So here are a few Holiday Party Ideas to make their night just as memorable as your own.

  • Sleep over party! If you just so happen to have young ones of your own and a lack of plans for NYE, why not offer to host a sleep over for the neighborhood kids. Other parents may be appreciative of the night out, or may even offer to help you out! As a result the kids will have a safe and fun place to be for the night. Have the kids get dressed up and provide themed snacks like cupcakes bedecked in glittery sprinkles, cookies decorated like clocks, or dip sugar cones in chocolate and then decorate to look like NYE hats. Hand out noise makers and bubbles to celebrate and plastic glasses of sparkling cider. If you want to avoid the sugar of cider and the possible mess, seltzer or sparkling water adds the bubbly without the extra sugar.
  • Karaoke party! If your kids are a bit older and still want to have their friends over, try busting out the karaoke machine or singing video games. Everyone can take turns belting out their favorite tunes between munching on finger foods and dips. Kick it up a notch and offer prizes for a contest. Set up a rotating panel of judges (so everyone gets to sing and everyone gets to judge) to pass out scores. Just make sure everyone stays nice with their comments! Just Dance! and other dance related games can make a fun addition to a karaoke party. Contestants take turns getting in front of the television and trying to match their own smooth moves to the avatar on the screen.
  • Glam it up! If you have teens living at home who want in on the fun but you want to make sure they stay out of harm and out of trouble, let them invite their friends to the house. The kids can dress to kill for the night. Set up appetizer tables and a “bar” with virgin mixed drinks (just make sure they stay unspiked!). A photobooth can add a fun element as well. Set up a glitzy backdrop with 2014 or “Happy New Year” and leave out props like boas and masks for the guests to use. Either set up a point and shoot digital camera with a remote on a tripod or a webcam on a laptop. Guests can take their own pictures to be posted to a social media site or party website later. Have your kids make a fun playlist of music and offer games like Apples to Apples to keep the laughs coming and everyone actively having a good time.

The most important part of New Year’s Eve is to have a good time and make sure that everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy so they can enjoy the coming year.

Travel Safety Tips For Holidays With Grandma

Nanny in the Clouds is a hiring service that gives parents peace of mind and helps you keep track of your kids before, during and after your trip home to see the parents. Call the service and it will connect you with a nanny who happens to be on your same flight, or it will arrange for one to meet you curbside to help you herd your family from plane to rental car to hotel.

Bumper-to-Bumper Safety

But what if you drive? No matter how you plan to get to grandma’s house, exercise several tips as you keep your kids safe. It’s not a musical instrument, but your vehicle’s thousands of parts need to work in harmony if you’re going to get your kids to grandma’s house safely. Spend a morning in your home garage or at the mechanic’s and tune up the car. Check the tire pressure, brakes and battery. You’ll also want to top off the fluids, replace worn windshield wipers and make sure the lights work properly. Make sure the child seats and belts work properly so that your children can stay securely and properly buckled in at all times.

A stocked emergency kit in your vehicle is another safety essential. Be prepared with the following:

  • First aid supplies
  • Emergency flares
  • Spare tire and jack
  • Jumper cables
  • Ice scraper
  • Small bag of kitty litter in case you encounter ice
  • Waterproof matches
  • Flashlight
  • Blankets
  • Bottled water and energy bars or dried fruit

Back-Seat Safety

A laptop, iPod or smartphone works wonders to keep your little ones entertained in the back seat so that you don’t hear your kids whine about the long drive and their annoying siblings. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports, that laptop-induced “erythema ab igne,” which is pigmented skin caused by the heat from electronic devices. A laptop case provides a protective cushion as your children watch movies and play games during the long ride. Likewise, volume over 110 decibels causes hearing loss, according to the University of Leicester, so give your kids headphones or ear buds with adjustable volume controls as they listen to their favorite movies or tunes.

Document Safety During the Trip

While AAA reports that 90 percent of holiday travelers drive to their destinations, your family might need to fly to grandma’s house. Safety precautions in the airport start with securing your documents. Keep your children’s tickets, IDs and passports safe in your inside jacket pocket or fanny pack as your hands stay free to corral your energetic offspring. For even greater peace of mind, invest in protection services that secure your family’s identities if your personal documents are stolen or lost as you travel.

Next, keep tabs on your kids before and during your flight. If Nanny in the Clouds isn’t an option, a child leash or Kangakid that serves as both a child carrier and a bag ensures your active little ones stay safely near you before your flight. On the plane, secure your kids in their seat belts or in an approved child protective system. Likewise, sit your kids away from the aisle to prevent them from reaching out for hot beverages or silverware on the food carts.

Pack the Carry-On With Safety in Mind

The carry-on bags your kids bring serve as an important safety measure. In them, pack essential prescription medicines and over-the-counter pain reliever and antacid. Remember the diapers, food and empty water bottle too. Your kids also need plenty of activities and safe toys that aren’t sharp, hard or heavy. With these objects, they stay occupied and safe on the flight to your holiday destination.

car trunk filled with luggage ready to leave for the winter holidays:safety

9 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids’ Costumes

When it comes to safety for Halloween, the focus tends to be on the candy or other treats the children are receiving from strangers.  However, the costume the little ones are wearing are just as important to be aware of. Keep them safe by following these 9 halloween safety tips for your kiddo’s costume.

Good Fit

Make sure your child’s costume is not too big or loose for him or her.  If the costume is too long, it is not safe and your child may trip over it.  An airy, flowing costume can tangle with objects and people and can present a fire hazard around open candles that are usually present during Halloween.  Your best bet is to choose a costume that is the correct length and fits well.

Choose Nonflammable Materials

Check on the label of the costume and make up for flame-resistant materials.  This is very important since jack-o-lanterns, candles, and other ornamental flames are common for decoration during Halloween.

Keep the Neck Area Clear

Avoid costume elements that are too tight around the neck, such as cords or sashes, that can present a choke hazard.  Be very cautious and safe about jewelry that can tangle around the neck as well.

Capes With Caution

Capes are fun, but unfortunately and not as safe as it is commonly assumed, may pose a choke-risk or may be easily be tripped over by the child if it is not the right length.

Use Masks Wisely

If your child is wearing a mask, make sure that it is worn just for photos or when he or she is not walking (more likely running).  Some masks are not safe and can block a child’s vision, which is even more of a concern during night time.  Make sure that the mask fits snugly on your child’s face, but not too tight around the neck.  The larger the holes around the eyes and nose, the better for seeing and breathing for your child.

Double Check Paint Labels

Instead of using masks, face paint is a great  option.  Check that the paint is FDA-approved and can be used on skin.  “Non-toxic” does not completely mean that it is safe to be used on the face.  Also check the ingredients of the make up  to make sure that it is nothing that your child is allergic too.

Choose Accessories Carefully

Make sure that costume accessories such as swords and knives are soft and flexible.  Wands, staffs, and canes should have no sharp edges or points.

Light and Reflection

Attach reflective materials onto your child’s costume to make sure that others can see him or or her at night.  Accompanying adults should carry a flashlight to light the path and make it easier for drivers to see trick or treaters.

Safe Footwear

Should your child choose to wear the shoes that come with the costume, make sure that is has traction to prevent slipping and falling.  If the footwear is a shoe-cover, check that it fits snugly.  More than often though, these shoe covers tend to slip off while walking, being safe with regular sneakers is better.