Things to Do on Cozy Nights in with the Family

Between hiking through apple orchards to find the perfect honey crisp, picking the biggest pumpkin in the patch, or long family walks to admire fall foliage, getting the most out of the season can take a toll on your energy. With so much excitement to experience this fall

sometimes a night in is exactly what your family needs to recuperate. For those cozy evenings inside with the family, here’s a handy bucket list of activities to make the nights as fun as your days.

Plan a special fall dinner

Fall is the perfect time for hot, hearty meals. Generous recipes shared around the table are a delicious way of adding coziness to your home. Extend your family bonding beyond simply eating together by collectively preparing it as well. Delivering a meal from your hands to the table allows the experience to truly flourish with love and appreciation. Your kids will love knowing that they took part in creating such a decadent meal from scratch!

To limit indecisiveness, pick out a few fall meals and let your entire household decide on what to prepare. Opt for low cost recipes that produce a high volume of food in order to ensure enough for everyone (with plenty of leftovers!). There are plenty of hearty recipes sure to keep you full through the crisp fall night, like pumpkin chili or root beer pulled pork sliders!

Fill the living room with blankets galore

Who doesn’t love a good snuggle session on a cold night? Carve out some quality wind down time with your family by planning a movie night. Pile blankets into your living room for optimal coziness and sift through the tons of wholesome family movies to show at your late night exclusive premiere.

To give the ultimate movie theater vibe, draw the blinds and string up white string lights to create dimmed lighting. For a crunchy treat to munch on through the movie, set up a popcorn bar with assorted popcorn, various chocolates, nuts, and dried fruit. Buy individual popcorn containers so each member of the household can have a movie snack customized to their taste buds!

Game night

Take a break from the technology for one night and go old school with board and card games. If you come from a large household, make the night one of friendly competition by splitting off into teams. Winner gets to pick what the next fall family outing will be!

Game night is also a brilliant way of not only reconnecting with your family in a quiet, intimate space, but also teaching your children invaluable skills. On the educational side, strategy games help with cognitive development. While they boost their brain, you can use this as an opportunity to teach them about positive sportsmanship, guiding them in honesty within gameplay and being a graceful winner or loser.

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