Today is Corban’s 5th Birthday!

Today, our little man turns 5! Let’s take a look at Corban’s Journey!

Corban’s arrival 2 months early was a very scary moment for the whole Amy Adele family. He weighed only 2 lbs 3 oz but Corban quickly showed the world that he would be a fighter!


At 2 weeks old Corban weighed just under 3 lbs. To give you some prospective, a bag of coffee beans weighs about 3 lbs! Corban came home on April 30th 2009 at one month and 2 days old. Amy was a little nervous bringing home such a little guy, but the whole family was ecstatic to have their little miracle home and thankful that the first big hurdle for Corban was over.


Over the next year Corban grew and functioned like any other newborn. He even got a little chubby! (See picture below for chunky cheeked baby awesomeness!)


Corban tackled other hurdles with ease! Going to physical therapy and wearing his helmet didn’t keep him from big smiles and giggles! This picture was taken on his first birthday!


At 20 months Corban took his first steps on November 9th 2010. Amy has been in chase mode ever since!


Corban tackled walking and continued to grow and change, slowly but surely.

Let’s fast forward a bit….

Here is Corban at 3 years old. He is smaller than other 3 year old’s, and developmentally is currently somewhere between 1 1/2 and 2 years old.  As all preschoolers do, he gave Amy and her husband plenty of practice at patience!


Now, let’s jump forward to today! (Because I am too excited and can’t wait anymore!)

Today is Corban’s 5th birthday! That’s a BIG milestone for a little man! He loves all things wheel related! Motorcycles are his favorite!

2013-11-23 12.36.51

Corban is still small for his age, and continues to face some obstacles developmentally. He is in currently in K4 but is not quite ready for kindergarten next year. He will be in K4 again next year to make sure he’s extra ready! 🙂 The Amy Adele family has learned a lot from Corban! He is teaching us to just take our time with him and that keeps us on our toes! Thanks, from our family to yours, for celebrating Corban’s big day with us!

30 thoughts on “Today is Corban’s 5th Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday to an adorable Corban!!!!!
    Hope you have a fantastic time on this very special day!
    Hugs, Bunni (not a rabbit, but a person)

    1. Amy,
      Happy Birthday to your adorable son, Corban! I am a frequent customer but I never knew about your son Corban and his amazing journey from birth until now! You are one remarkable mother! You have a successful business and and still have so much quality time to raise your family! Your love of children certainly shows through your work. Your dedication and the way you bring a smile to people’s faces that you will never see or meet is so appreciated by those lives you have touched through your work! Thank you for sharing such a meaningful part of your life with your customers.
      My daughter is a neo-natal intensive care nurse (NICU) in Birmingham, Alabama. She was born to specialize in this aspect of nursing. Many people ask me how she does it? She gets up each morning knowing that she will make a difference in the life of a newborn not to mention the support she lends to parents, like yourself. After reading your blog, I just knew I needed to respond. I am sure you have marked many milestones in Corban’s life and I speak for all your customers when I say “Thank you for sharing this particular one with all of us.”
      Warmest Regards,

      Karen Wilson
      Atlanta, Georgia

      1. Hi Karen,
        Thank you for your heartfelt note! Those NICU nurses are wonderful… so thank you for raising one! 🙂

  2. Amy,
    Thank you so much for sharing news of Corban’s birthday today !
    I was amazed at how big, bright & beautiful his eyes are & were even from the very beginning. God bless you all as you celebrate this very very special day & kudos for being wonderful parents! It truly does take a village to raise a child & I am so happy you are surrounded by a good one : ) Sincerely, Jo Murphy

    1. Hi Jo,

      Thank you for your birthday wishes! Yes, his bright eyes were clearly seen even in the first few days… thanks for the reminder!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. Today is my daughter’s birthday and she also has come along way. May God continue to bless Corban. I just feel he is destine for greatness. Because your shared your story many other parents will know they too can make.

    I’ve ordered your products but never knew your story.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. What a blessing Corban is! His wonderful smile and warm hugs and kisses each time we’re together are such a gift! I can’t wait to see what plans the Lord has for him as he continues to grow strong and oh so sweet!
    His love for anything that has wheels definitely comes from his Dad who is also a pretty special guy, not to mention you, Amy, who is an amazing mother to all three of your children!

  5. That is so wonderful! I too had twin boys in the NICU and know how scary it can be. God is very good.

    Happy Birthday Corban!

    The Sharma Family!!

  6. Happiest of birthdays to Corban! Thank you for sharing your handsome boy with us. I really enjoyed reading his story. I’ve always loved your cards. it is so nice to hear about your family. Beautiful!

  7. Happy Birthday Corbin, what a handsome little man you have become. I am pleased to tell you that you share a birthday with my husband David.

    I hope you have many more awesome birthdays.

  8. Hi Amy,

    Happy Birthday to Corban! My twin boys were born 3 months early and are now almost 2 years old. It is very encouraging to see your son’s progress – thanks for sharing your story (and for making great products)!

    1. Hi Kristen,
      Wow! 2 little guys that were 3 months early? I know that must have been hard but I am so glad to hear they are 2 now. (We’re so glad to hear you enjoy our products!)

  9. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for sharing your son’s story….and thanks for making my childrens’ bday invitations special..

    A customer…

  10. Happy Birthday to a precious Corban! What a doll he is! My son and his wife had twin boys 2 1/2 years ago weighing in at 2 lbs 2 ozs and 2 lbs 4 ozs. They, too, spent quite a while in the NICU, but they are doing great today. They are still catching up, so I know where y’all are as well, but God is GOOD!
    Thanks for all you do, Amy! I LOVE your website, and I am ,ore than THRILLED with all my darling gift tags and labels for Christmas next year!

    1. Hi Kathie,
      Thank you for your sweet words! It seems are stories are so very similar! I am so glad to hear your grandsons are doing well and God is very very GOOD!

  11. Happy happy happy birthday precious Corban!!!! I am so excited about the young man you are becoming….I am so grateful that I have been a part of your life and seen you grow and develop into a funny sweet little man….you have done so well and you have a wonderful family! Can’t wait to see what you do in the future! You are going to brighten many peoples lives that you enter!!

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