Whoooo Loves Owls?

Have you noticed — owls are suddenly everywhere? Owl hats, sweaters, purses, shoes, Christmas tree ornaments — no matter where you look, you’ll see two big owl eyes smiling back at you. It’s also a great party theme. Here are some of our favorite owl cookies, cakes and cupcakes to inspire you.

Owl Cookies:

Owl Cookies Whoooo Loves Owls?

1. Owl Cookie Pops
2. Pink and Green Owl Cookies
3. Blue Owl Cookies
4. Brown Owl Cookies

Owl Cakes:

Owl cakes Whoooo Loves Owls?

Clockwise from top left:
1. Cute Owl Cake
2. Pink Owl Party Cake
3. Festive Feathered Owl Cake
4. Upright Owl Cake

Owl Cupcakes:

owl cupcakes Whoooo Loves Owls?

1. Pink Owl Cupcakes
2. Chocolate Owl Cupcakes
3. Candy Corn Nose Owl Cupcakes
4. Mother Owl and Owlets Cupcakes

Amy’s owl designs:

Colorful Owl Notes Whoooo Loves Owls?

Colorful Owl Notes

Colorful Owls Invitation Whoooo Loves Owls?

Colorful Owls Invitations

Owl Folded Notecard Whoooo Loves Owls?

Owl Folded Notecards

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