Amy Adele Affiliate Program

You’re invited to partner with — one of the world’s leading websites for creating and buying personalized stationery, party invitations and clothing for babies and children.

Why Join the Affiliate Program?

Program Highlights

  • 10% baseline commission
  • 30-day cookie
  • New and exciting offers
  • Private commission offers available
  • Dedicated Affiliate Team

How to Earn Commissions and Make Money?

At, the more you sell, the more you earn. It’s that simple. There are no set quotas. Each time a customer buys any item on our site through one of our affiliate links on your page, you earn a commission.

Who Can Join?

Singing up is easy and absolutely free. Anyone can join. Just click here to sign up to the CJ Affiliate Interface by Conversant. If you are already on CJ, simply sign into your account and apply to join our program. The approval process normally takes between 24 to 48 hours.

Please ensure your web sites does not promote or links to content that is unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, violent, discriminatory, harassing or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable.

What Does CJ Offer?

CJ Affiliate by Conversant handles all commissions, access to reporting, banners, text links and lots more. You will not need to create any banners and links as they are all provided for you with the latest promotions. However, in order to receive commissions for any sales generated, please ensure you are using links from the CJ interface or affiliate newsletter. Do not use links from anywhere else.

How Long Will the Cookie Last after Someone Clicks on My Link?

Once someone clicks on your link, the cookie will last for 30 days. In other words, if the consumer comes through your link the first time but purchase nothing, they can come back within 30 days and the cookie is still active so you get commission on the sale!

How Will I Know That an Order Came from My Site?

All links from your site to our site contain a unique identifier so that every time a user comes to us via your site, you receive credit when a purchase is made. Just be sure you are using an affiliate link form CJ.

How Do Product Returns Affect Commissions?

If a customer returns a product for a refund, or if orders are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for commission earned on that sale.

Protected SEM Bidding

You are prohibited from bidding on paid search marketing campaigns for Amy Adele.

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Contact Us

Our affiliate program is managed in house by Amy Adele’s affiliate managers. Our top priority is to help our affiliates drive sales and earn commissions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here:



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