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Bugs Flat Card


Use these cute critters to jot a quick note to a friend! Four cute bugs on a flat note card help you share your love!

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artist: Amy Adele  envelopes: included (BLANK)  item code: sc007  style: flat card  size: 5" x 3.5" (W x H)  paper type: heavy 
finish: matte (non-glossy)  recycled: 100% post consumer paper  printing method: high chroma digital  font shown: Tweedledee  font color shown: black 
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5/5 based on 2 review
 September 21, 2010
Super cute note cards. They are small but work perfect as thank you notes for a child. - lly , Houston, TX
 January 12, 2010
Love them!
These are the perfect size for brief thank you notes for little ones. They're so cute and I just love using them for my toddler son as thank-yous. - Ashley , Nashville, TN