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Valentine Girl Monkey Flat Card


This little valentine girl monkey, adorned with a pink bow, is swinging her message to you on this valentine card! Bordered in a red line and 100% personalized. Sold as a flat note card. You will love these high-quality valentines.

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artist: Amy Adele  envelopes: included (BLANK)  item code: sc067-vg  style: flat card  size: 5" x 3.5" (W x H)  paper type: heavy 
finish: matte (non-glossy)  recycled: 100% post consumer paper  printing method: high chroma digital  font shown: Christine  font color shown: hot pink 
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5/5 based on 2 review
 February 11, 2011
I continue to buy from here!
I love the ladybug theme... It is my baby shower theme and I hope to buy the birth announcement in a few months as well. Continue to have the options for themes, I think matching b-day/shower/bridal themmes to the thank you cards are a good idea! - Kelli , Leesburg, Va
 February 07, 2011
Cutest card ever!
Cutest card ever! When I opened the mail and showed my daughters they were so excited. I absolutely love them. Honestly could not ask for anything more. - Triplet mom , Maywood, NJ