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Valentine Turtle Flat Card


A little green turtle has lots of love to share with heart designs on his shell. This simple Valentine turtle flat card is all you need to say Happy Valentine's Day! You will love these high-quality valentines.

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artist: Amy Adele  envelopes: included (BLANK)  item code: sc065v  style: flat card  size: 5" x 3.5" (W x H)  paper type: heavy 
finish: matte (non-glossy)  recycled: 100% post consumer paper  printing method: high chroma digital  font shown: Sweet Pea  font color shown: red 
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 February 22, 2011
Soooo cute!
Used for my son's class in daycare and some family members and all raved on the cards! [...] exactly what I wanted for a little boy's valentines - D , NJ