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Happy Daisy Christmas Row Waterproof Label

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Happy Daisy Christmas Row Waterproof Label

These happy Christmas daisies are all in a row- each daisy adorned with a smile on this waterproof label! Whimsical polka dots and plaid flowers in Green, Red, Yellow and White are a perfect way to show off your pretty Christmas style. Personalize your baked and homemade gifts with these waterproof gift tag/labels this holiday season! Sold by the sheet. 30 round edged waterproof sticky labels on each sheet.

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material: weatherproof polyester
dimensions: 2.5 x 1 label

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artist: Amy Adele 

style: label 

size: 2.5" x 1" (W x H) 

paper type: N/A 

finish: polyester (semi-gloss) 

recycled: no 

printing method: digital 

printing method: digital 

font shown: Christine 

font color shown: red 

item code: wl452 

envelopes: none 

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