10 DIY Swimming Pool Games You Can Make with your Kids

The temperature is quickly rising outdoors which means it will soon be time for some fun in the sun and cooling in the pool. But when mere splashing and swimming has lost its sparkle, introduce some of these games specifically designed with a swimming pool in mind. Minimal pool accessories required.

Underwater Telephone: This game is similar to the classic game of Telephone except that the secret sentence must be delivered under water and only the final response is to be announced out loud to the players.

Stuck in the Mud: This game involves a single person being elected as “it” whose job is to tag as many people as possible. Those who have been tagged are required to stand in the “mud” at the shallow end of the pool and wait until another player releases them by swimming under their legs.

Whirlpool: Participants can create a whirlpool by moving in a circle and gradually picking up the pace. After a few minutes, just stop moving and allow the force or the whirlpool to “carry” everyone in a circle around the pool.

Follow the Leader: Everyone takes turns being the leader by taking the other followers on a journey around the pool. Anyone who does not do exactly what the leader does is “out”.

The Invisible Bottle: Just remove the label from an old plastic bottle then fill it with pool water. Have the players turn around before tossing the bottle in the pool then have them race to find it first.

Dolphin Race: Players must race from one side of the pool to the other by pushing a beach ball with their noses only. Anyone caught using anything else is disqualified.

Secret Agent: Toss ping pong balls into the pool then have players race across the pool avoiding the “land mines”. The first to safely reach the finish line is the winner.

Number Crunch: Write numbers on ping pong balls with a permanent marker, toss them into the pool, and have players collect them and find the sum of the numbers. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Scavenger Hunt: Find sinkable but waterproof items from the house and toss them into the pool. Then have players dive to find specific items.

Ice-It: Add food coloring to ice cubes and toss them in the pool. The player who is able to collect the most cubes is the winner. This works well in kids’ pools, too. Have a great time in your swimming pool and be sure to use these simple DIY pool games to bring the pool party back to your back yard!

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