5 Hidden Object Games Kids Will Love

A variety of kid-friendly video game genres are floating around. Some of these are online games, which we covered in a previous post here. Interactive learning for young children, even preschoolers, gives kids a great leg up in this technologically advanced world. One way to get kids engaged with learning is to have them play hidden objects games. These games consist of looking around on a screen to find all of the usable objects. Sometimes this is just for fun, and other times, it's intended to advance a storyline. Playing these games helps improve your child's situational awareness and memory skills. Hidden objects games also help with reading, since there are ones that offer a full storyline alongside the gameplay elements. Here are five stellar games, including some iWin hidden object games, perfect for kids, particularly younger children.

1. 'Little Shop of Treasures'

You might be concerned this is some sort of tie-in for “Little Shop of Horrors,” but the name is just a cute coincidence. If you have a particularly young child who is not reading yet, this is a great hidden object game for her. There's no storyline. Gamers just find the objects in a cluttered shop to advance to the next level. The graphics are semi-realistic and colorful.

2. 'Hidden Objects - Deep Search'

This hidden objects game takes you far under the ocean to find objects from lost treasures, shipwrecks and the local oceanic wildlife. This is another game with a minimal storyline. Gamers are just focused on finding all of the objects on the screen without any interruptions. This is a great way to teach your kid about the ocean, both about what the ocean floor looks like and about the creatures that inhabit it.

3. 'Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix'

If your kids are old enough to appreciate and follow along with some story in their hidden objects games, this one is a can't-miss. The story is engaging, in a colorful fantasy world that's filled with all sorts of fantastic locations and creatures. The art is stellar, and it has plenty of engaging puzzles, as well, for your kid to solve.

4. 'Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can'

This game is a fresh take on the hidden object gameplay mold. It's got a story that drives along the gameplay and new gameplay elements that help innovate the genre, and every hidden object scene is highly related to advancing the plot. Voice acting and 3D models set it apart from every other hidden object game on the market.

5. 'Awakening: The Skyward Castle'

If your kid loves fantasy settings, this is the perfect hidden object game for them. Gamers play as Princess Sophia, who just woke up after a quick 100-year nap. She's in an abandoned castle, all alone, with no idea where her family went. She's taking to the hidden object scenes to find out exactly what happened, and what she should be doing about it.

Do your kids have any favorite hidden objects games they like to play? What are they? Share them in the comments.

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