9 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids' Costumes

When it comes to safety for Halloween, the focus tends to be on the candy or other treats the children are receiving from strangers. However, the costume the little ones are wearing are just as important to be aware of. Keep them safe by following these 9 halloween safety tips for your kiddo's costume.


Good Fit

Make sure your child's costume is not too big or loose for him or her. If the costume is too long, it is not safe and your child may trip over it. An airy, flowing costume can tangle with objects and people and can present a fire hazard around open candles that are usually present during Halloween. Your best bet is to choose a costume that is the correct length and fits well.


Choose Nonflammable Materials

Check on the label of the costume and make up for flame-resistant materials. This is very important since jack-o-lanterns, candles, and other ornamental flames are common for decoration during Halloween.


Keep the Neck Area Clear

Avoid costume elements that are too tight around the neck, such as cords or sashes, that can present a choke hazard. Be very cautious and safe about jewelry that can tangle around the neck as well.


Capes With Caution

Capes are fun, but unfortunately and not as safe as it is commonly assumed, may pose a choke-risk or may be easily be tripped over by the child if it is not the right length.


Use Masks Wisely

If your child is wearing a mask, make sure that it is worn just for photos or when he or she is not walking (more likely running). Some masks are not safe and can block a child's vision, which is even more of a concern during night time. Make sure that the mask fits snugly on your child's face, but not too tight around the neck. The larger the holes around the eyes and nose, the better for seeing and breathing for your child.


Double Check Paint Labels

Instead of using masks, face paint is a great option. Check that the paint is FDA-approved and can be used on skin. "Non-toxic" does not completely mean that it is safe to be used on the face. Also check the ingredients of the make up to make sure that it is nothing that your child is allergic too.


Choose Accessories Carefully

Make sure that costume accessories such as swords and knives are soft and flexible. Wands, staffs, and canes should have no sharp edges or points.


Light and Reflection

Attach reflective materials onto your child's costume to make sure that others can see him or or her at night. Accompanying adults should carry a flashlight to light the path and make it easier for drivers to see trick or treaters.


Safe Footwear

Should your child choose to wear the shoes that come with the costume, make sure that is has traction to prevent slipping and falling. If the footwear is a shoe-cover, check that it fits snugly. More than often though, these shoe covers tend to slip off while walking, being safe with regular sneakers is better.
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