A Child's First Communion Celebration

A child’s First Communion celebration is one of the holiest times of their life. Roman Catholic children usually receive their First Communion when they are between the ages of 7 and 8 years old. The girls wear pretty white dresses with a white veil which symbolizes purity. The boys usually wear white or blue suits. After the Mass most parents have a reception for their child. A children’s party theme is important when deciding on what type of reception to have for your child. First you need to decide whether you are having the reception at a banquet hall, restaurant or at your home. Most parties are usually around lunch time so if you decide on a banquet hall or a restaurant it is nice to have a buffet. If you decide on having it at home you might consider having it catered. Remember to have foods children will enjoy such as finger foods. Oh, don’t forget the cake. Bakeries usually have a variety of designs which will fit perfectly with your theme. There are many children’s party themes to choose from that will allow you to stay within your budget. Use colored balloon bouquets to decorate the cake table. You can also place the balloons throughout the party space which can be given to the children when the party ends. A banner is a wonderful focal point and it also welcomes the child of honor. Games should be planned for a celebration with lots of children. Some ideas would be coloring, board games, bubbles and face painting. Some ideas for First Communion gifts are a First Communion Rosary, First Communion Bible or prayer book. Jewelry is a beautiful gift for either a girl or boy. Another great gift is a First Communion Gift Set. This set can include a variety of rosaries, prayer books, bibles, crosses, scapulars, pins and candles; they all come in a neat little box. Other ideas are First Communion books, statues and figurines. Gift cards are always a nice gift. When the celebration ends it is nice to pass out favors to your guests. Favors can be candles, prayer books, rosaries or personalized chocolate bars. Personalization of favors will remind guests of your child’s special day. As with any party you will need invitations and thank you notes for this special occasion. We can help with many of the items required for this special day. Contact us and we will be happy to help you make this day one your child will remember as a very special celebration.
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