A Homemade Mailbox Promotes Letter Writing

Looking to give your child more experience writing letters and cards? Create a letter writing area at home, complete with a homemade mailbox. With just a few simple supplies from around the house, you and your child can start mailing notes back and forth, creating a fun, learning activity. Material needed: empty shoe box, scissors, tape, construction paper, markers or crayons, variety of cards, envelopes and a small basket or box. Directions for making a mailbox:
  1. Cover the bottom section of the shoe box with construction paper.
  2. Write names and an address on the side of the mailbox.
  3. Cut a hole in the top section of the box. The hole should be big enough for envelopes to fit through. Place the top of the box onto the bottom section. Now you have a mailbox.
  4. Designate a mailbox location. Make sure it’s within reach of your child.
  5. Collect note cards, paper, envelopes and markers. Put them in a small basket near the mailbox.
  6. Write a letter to your child and put it in the mailbox. She'll be excited to open her letter from you. Encourage her to write back. For young children, scribbles, jumbled letters and pictures are all part of learning to write. No need to stress perfection. This is a time for your child to practice and have fun.
Need ideas for what to write? How about sending your child a thank you card for picking up toys? Or encourage your child to send an invitation to her teddy bears for a picnic. Check out our selection of children's stationery for even more ideas at amyadele.com. And enjoy sharing this family writing time together.
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