A Tribute to Twins

A poem from a mother of twins:

Smashing away at my keyboard. Forever climbing on the table. Pulling out my already thin hair. Biting bare skin whenever able.

Hitting hard at one another. High pitched cries that raise the roof top. Painful headbutts in the kitchen. ‘What’s that stuff that looks like bugger snot?’

Screams that fill the evenings. Sleepless nights reserved for mommy. Teething spells that seem so endless. Tell me, ‘What’s that brown stuff on me?’

Two of everything, I’m broke now. Venturing out can take so long. Temper tantrums in the stroller. Bottles of juice spilled on the floor.

Smiles that make the mornings. Two sweet grins to warm my heart. Two of everything isn’t so bad, When it’s 1/2 off from the start.

I can easily move my keyboard. And that brown stuff will wash off. Sleepless nights won’t last a lifetime. And the bites are fairly soft.:-P

Most stains are temporary, but true love’s forevermore. I pack up my twins just knowing, That I could not ask for more.

I wipe off those messy faces. I wipe off the messy day. I think back to all the laughter, And the fun we had today.

I can clean the filthy clutter. And the toys, they’ll all go back. The hitting turns into kisses. And my hair, it will grow back.

Raising twins might not be easy, But they’re awfully easy to love. There’s no greater gift to be blessed with, Then 2 x’s the unconditional love.

Copyright Shelly @ Twinpossible 6-26-2011

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