A very "Amy Adele" Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Clara! Happy Birthday Clara!
Much like a woman who plans an entire outfit around a favorite pair of shoes, I planned my daughter’s first birthday party around one of my favorite Amy Adele invitations. This past Saturday, we celebrated my Clara’s 1st birthday, and it was perfect. Lots of family, close friends, and adorable children all came to wish sweet Clara a happy birthday - bubble-style! Who says the first birthday party is more for the parents than the baby? She had a blast! ;) As for the planning of this shindig… Ever since I arrived here in January I have been torn over which invitation I was going to use for Clara’s big day--WAY too many cute options! She’s turning one, so it’s not like she is into characters just yet, and I didn’t really plan on having a set theme... until I saw Amy’s Girl with Bubbles Party Invitation, that is. BUBBLES! That was the answer—easy and fun for all ages. I started with the invitation and got the party planning rolling from there. I made up goody bags for all the girls and boys attending, sealed with a Girl's First Birthday Waterproof Label thanking them for coming. I couldn’t stop there, though. My brother-in-law was coming down from NYC for a visit and brought along a bubble machine (previously used for a Broadway show I’m told), my mother had a pastry chef make a “bubble” cake, and we, of course, handed out bubbles for the children to play with outside during the party. Best of all, Clara donned an adorable Amy Adele one-piece outfit that said “Birthday Girl” to match her pink tutu. (See above photo) I encourage you to get inspired for your upcoming parties!!
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