Autumn Activities For The Kids And You

Autumn fun doesn't have to be limited to Halloween and Thanksgiving--it can be had every day of the week! Fall offers many unique opportunities for enjoyable crafts, games, and excursions that are impossible during the other seasons. So don't waste a minute! This list of fun fall activities for kids is just the start of the possibilities for you and your children to enjoy this beautiful season together.

Autumn Activities:

  • Pick apples in an orchard. What could be more fun than enjoying the bounty of nature together as a family? A day spent at the orchard is bonding and is full of relaxed enjoyment. Bring home baskets of apples and make cider, pies, and apple sauce together. See how many different ways you can use apples in meals and desserts!
  • Get lost in a corn maze. Plentiful this time of year, corn mazes are a thrill for children of all ages, and there's something irresistibly delicious about the hot cider and pumpkin-shaped cookies that always seem to be found in the barn or office afterwards.
  • Create fall art. There are many ways to incorporate autumn's beauty into arts and crafts. Leaves can be placed under a piece of paper and colored over, gourds can be decorated and used as birdhouses, and pumpkins, of course, can be carved. Be creative with this autumn activity and encourage the same in your children!
  • Have a fall-themed baking party. Choose cookie-cutters that match the season, and use seasonal ingredients such as apples or pumpkins. Warning: aromas may be irresistible!
  • Go for a hike. Look up what birds and animals are native to the area and try to find some. Assign a different set of wildlife to each family member and have a contest to see who sees the most. Or just enjoy the beauty of nature, revel in the changing colors and the purity of the autumn air.
  • Make pine-cone bird feeders. Find some pine-cones and cover them with peanut butter, then roll them in birdseed. Explore and find a special tree to hang them on.
  • Build a bonfire. If you don't have a place to do it, go camping or visit a nearby campsite for the evening. Sing group songs, tell scary stories, roast hotdogs and marshmallows (maybe not at the same time), and remember what you're grateful for out-loud.
Just a few things to fill your autumn season with fun. But it doesn't stop there! Think creatively and work with your kids to create many more fun experiences that will fill the pages of your photo albums and fill your hearts to the brim. Happy fall! This turkey engulfs all the beautiful colors of Autumn
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