Back to School Teacher Appreciation Gifts

A new school year is often an exciting time for teachers and students alike. Teaching gratitude to our children begins with our example. A wonderful way to start a new school year is to show their teacher how much you both appreciate their hard work.

Here are a few ideas to kick-start the new school year in a positive way by showing some gratitude for the teacher.

1. Make a card Give your child some crafting supplies and maybe a pre-made card and encourage your child, no matter the age, to draw a picture or write a little note. Kids love to color, glue and cut! Not only will it help them learn gratitude, but also encourage them to sharpen some of their fine motor skills.

2. Send some much needed school supplies Tie a pretty bow and include a note expressing appreciation on the first day of school. You can make it fancy by creating a tiered cake of supplies, or simply put the items in a nice bag. Either way, the teacher will know you appreciate all she does. Whatever you do, allow your children to help with the process.

3. Make a special treat Working together with your child to make a treat for their teacher will remind your child of all the hard work their teacher will do for them in the upcoming school year. Include a cute tag and make the first day of school memorable.

Appreciation doesn't have to be anything fancy. Often just something simple letting them know you see their hard work is plenty. Involving your child or children in the process will teach them gratitude and appreciation. By starting the year off with a positive attitude, everyone will be starting the year off well!

For more back to school teacher appreciation gift ideas or to share your own, please contact us.

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