Be My Crafty Valentine: Festive Floral Flair

No matter what your stance on Valentine's Day might be if it's over-commercialized or heavenly the crafting opportunities it provides are endless. Never mind tacky drug store chocolates and neon-pink plastic roses, Valentine's Day is a time to focus on simple elegance and celebrate your loved ones. According to, there are over 110 million roses sold in the U.S. each Valentine's Day, that's a lot of petals! The ubiquitous flower of love can be used for more than just a romantic token that withers away in a few days . . . the Valentine's Day flower is as versatile as it is lovely, and you can use it to liven up every day of the year with these simple, sensational craft ideas.

Hand-Pressed Floral Cards

A true crafter knows that giving out cards should never be clich. It should be a sensitive, personal process that reflects your style and the recipient's personality. That's why hand-pressing flowers and gently affixing them to your favorite card stock is the perfect way to convey thought and beauty. Once you've selected a Valentine's Day card that fits your personality, simply dust the backs of your flower petals with non-toxic paste and lay them in the desired arrangement across the top of the card, place newspaper over the top, and place them between books. Then wrap large rubber bands around the books so that the petals are pressed extra tight. Give them three to five days, depending on the humidity of your climate, and voil, beautiful hand-made cards.

Potpourri Sachets

Making potpourri is a beautiful, functional art that lasts all year long! After you're done admiring their beauty, hang your Valentine's Day flowers upside down to dry in a cool, dry place. Leave them there for two weeks, then carefully take them down and gently scoop the stems and petals into plastic bags 1 cup per bag. Once you've done this, drip six drops of your favorite essential oil into each bag and let them sit for another two weeks. Your local craft store most likely carries tulle or sheer sachet bags, or you can make them yourself if you have a sewing machine. Gently fill them with your gorgeous potpourri and close them with ribbons, and you'll have yourself the perfect little keepsakes all year long.

Memory Box of Love

The name might sound tacky, but the outcome is wonderful. A Valentine's Day memory box is just what it sounds like: a small place to keep your treasures and trinkets. Your local craft store will have numerous options to choose from, but we like to start with a basic box, then decoupage it with your favorite photos and quotes about love. Each year, add some dried flowers, sweethearts and memories from your sweetheart. Or, you can make one with the kids and fill it with their favorite cards from their classmates, candies and photos. This is more like a time-capsule than a craft, but as you build it over the years it will help you and and those you care about most what matters most in life LOVE!
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