Birthday Parties - Ballerinas

Gather lots of pink and tulle for a Ballerina-themed birthday party! Here are a few tips for the perfect birthday bash for the budding ballerina. Check out this blog posting by Kim at Three Peanuts for the amazing ballerina party she threw for her daughter, Kate. Lots of photos and great ideas!

If the guests can arrive in their own tutu's, great. If not, make simple ones with tulle and pink ribbon they can put on over their regular party clothes. Party activities can include having a real dance teacher come in and give the guests a private lesson, playing "Ballerina Says," decorating their own tiaras with glue and rhinestones, letting each child lead the others in a dance where everyone copies what the leader is doing, and Freeze Ballet (dance until the music stops and then freeze in whatever pose you're in). And don't forget the cake (and cupcakes).

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