Birthday Parties - Jungle Animals

Children are fascinated by animals, from the largest elephant to the tiniest ladybug. Ask most any four-year-old to roar like a lion and see if you don't get an earful. And jungle animals are a great theme for young birthday parties! Let the kids become the animal they love most -- whether it's the striped zebra, the lanky giraffe or the playful monkey. Hire a face painter to do each child's face when they arrive to put them into their favorite character. Then can carry the theme further with decorative headbands made from construction paper and markers -- a great craft project to do early on while you've still got everyone's attention. Safari activities include "Going On a Lion Hunt", "Monkey, May I?" (an adaptation of Mother, May I?), Jungle Charades (kids act out an animal) and Feed the Elephant bean bag toss (kids toss bean bags at a target designed to look like an elephant's open mouth). has fun jungle animal sandwiches: Betty Crocker has the perfect jungle themed cupcakes, and here's the video showing exactly how to make them. And you're going to need invitations and thank you notes:

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