Boys Stationery: Inspiring the Thank You Note

They say that boys are made of "snips and snails and puppy-dog tails." I'd suggest it's more accurate to say that boys are made of non-stop energy, perpetual motion, and a little bit of dirt thrown in for good measure. If you've ever seen a boy on Christmas morning or after a birthday party, you know the first two descriptors are certainly true. With that in mind, getting your son to sit down and write a thank you note may seem like a daunting task when he's rather be playing with his gifts than showing thanks for them. I have found, though, that it doesn't take much to inspire some gratitude.
  1. Don't wait too long to get started. Your son may feel more inclined to write a thank you note while his gratitude is still fresh in his mind. This also prevents him from forgetting to send out his thanks.
  2. Talk to your son about each gift he received and who gave it to him. Remind him that each gift was carefully chosen by someone who cares about him.
  3. Explain that people feel good when they know their gift is appreciated. Point out that he feels good when he is thanked or when something he does is appreciated.
  4. Give your son ownership by allowing him to choose his own stationery or have some personalized with his name. He'll be eager to show off the stationery, which will lead to more interest in writing the thank you note.
  5. Encourage creativity. A younger child might simply draw a picture of himself using the gift. A beginning writer may appreciate the opportunity to show off his skills. An older child may write his note in the form of a poem.
Above all, let your child be himself. Don't worry about awkward phrasing or barely legible handwriting. You are instilling good habits and an attitude of gratitude in your child that is far more important than composing the perfect note. Need more inspiration? Check out our complete line of stationery for every member of the family.
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