Calling Cards for Kids


When it comes to kids calling cards, there are so many fun possibilities. Children like to announce what’s going on in their world, and calling cards are a unique way for them to get the word out.

Ages 5 – 12

Young children have lots going on in their lives. Here are some ways they can make use of cards.

  • Sports games – Calling cards are available for all sports. Your child can have cards with their name on them. They can write upcoming game dates on the cards and pass them out to friends and family.
  • Party reminders – Do you remember being a child and worrying that no one would come to your party? A reminder in the form of a calling card will help ensure that no one forgets the important date!
  • Upcoming school plays or award ceremonies – Your child’s personalized “save-the-date” calling card will help remind everyone about upcoming special events in the child’s life.
  • Personalized gift cards – You can save a bundle by using personalized calling cards on birthday and other holiday gifts. Your child can add a personal message to the card if they like.

Ages 13 – 15

Children in their early teen years are all about socializing. They will find dozens of uses for their personalized calling cards. We probably don’t have to give you, or them, ideas. Surprise them with the gift of calling cards and let them have fun.

Teens can write messages to friends on their calling cards. Shy children can use them to help break the ice when meeting new friends. You may even find your teen handing you one with an important reminder written on it.

Ages 16 and Up

Oh, the many uses of calling cards for older teens! Think about the possibilities:

  • Calling cards are a great way to hand out their email address.
  • Your teen can use them to give friends their new cell phone number.
  • Calling cards can be used to arrange social meetings amongst friends – “meet me at (fill in the blank)" for example.
  • This age group may want to use calling cards as unique invitations to a party.


Calling cards with your kid's name on them aren’t just for kids. Parents can use them too.

You can carry cards with your children’s names. When you meet other parents at the park, school, or another activity you can add your name and number to the card and hand it to them.

If your child has allergies or special needs, both you and the child may want to carry some cards listing the specifics. These can be handed out to teachers, schools, day care, or babysitters.

Check out our website for more ideas and information on how to order calling cards for kids.

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