Childrens Party Ideas for Summer

The children are out of school and looking forward to time spent with friends. It is important that the children are safe while having fun so planning parties for them is a fun way to spend time with friends. Let your child help with researching childrens party ideas.They do not have to cost a lot of money. Just keep it simple and fun. Carnival Party – Set up booths in your back yard for games, entertainment and food. Decorate the area with colorful balloons and banners. Play carnival type games like ring toss, rubber darts, coin toss and pin the nose on the clown. Set up a craft table with coloring and painting tools. The children will have a lot of fun with this activity. Serve corn dogs, watermelon, pretzels, Kool-Aid and ice cream. Give the children favors they can play with at the party and take home with them. Movie Night Party – Watching movies and playing fun games. Decorate the area with movie posters or pictures of movie stars. Watch movies followed by movie charades or movie trivia. The children could make a personal walk of fame star. Serve pizza, popcorn, ginger ale and cookies. Give each child a movie ticket or disposable camera to take home. Slumber Party – This party can take place indoors or the children can sleep outside in a tent. Decorate with colorful banners, balloons and streamers. Children can watch videos, play board games, put puzzles together and tell jokes. Making jewelry, decorate pillowcases with fabric paint and decorate book mark are fun activities ... Serve Chinese takeout, popcorn, cake and lemonade. For breakfast serve pancakes. When the children leave in the morning give them a novel, activity book or a journal to take home. Circus Party – You could take the children to a circus or have a backyard circus. Decorate with balloons, stuffed animals and bright banners. The children can play jump rope games, have relay races, paint faces and have a parade. With modeling clay they can make clown figures. Serve hotdogs, popcorn, root beer floats and cupcakes in the form of clowns. Send the children home with jump ropes, yo-yo’s or paddle balls. This is just a sample of some ideas for parties for your children this summer. They will have fun with their friends and enjoy planning the party. We can help with invitations, decorations and other party needs. Visit our website so we can help you plan that special party.
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