Childrens Party Ideas: Stay at Home Summer Camp

It is important to have creative childrens party ideas in order to keep your kids busy during the summer months. Whether your children have already gone to summer camp or have never been, the magic of camp can be brought home and enjoyed by everyone of all ages. Learning about how to co-exist with nature is a priceless skill that many children don't have. The following tips are ideas on how to create a fun summer camp atmosphere in your backyard.
  • Acquire some sort of tent or shelter. If you don't have a pop-up tent, consider making your own. All it takes is stringing a rope between two trees a few feet above the ground and draping a large sheet over it. You can then use plastic chairs or another item to hold the edges of the sheet out on either side for sitting inside. Fill the inside with blankets and pillows for playing during the day before guests come.
  • Build a small fire in a pre-existing firepit or have an experienced fire-builder clear a safe space.
  • Invite friends to bring musical instruments such as guitars and banjos. The kids can even make their own guitar as a fun craft during the day. Either way, these are great for songs around the fire.
  • Decide on a dinner and a snack that everyone can participate in. Tortilla pizzas or burritos are super easy and just require a few ingredients and quick preparation. They also allow kids to take control of what they are making. Cover their food in tin foil and place it in the coals for them, watching it and checking it until the inside is warm. Don't forget about toasting marshmallows and s'mores!
  • Encourage creativity by having a story telling session. Each child can take turns telling a part of a story before the next person passes it on. This can get silly and it is always a fun thing to do while roasting a marshmallow.
Make sure that the kids learn important fire safety lessons such as keeping three points of body contact with the ground and always having a water bucket nearby. Although this activity may not be suitable for very young children, it is an important skill that older children will find useful. Now its time to dust of your tent, find your flashlight, and create a summer camp in your backyard!
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